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RE lesson with a sport/olympic theme

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by gunsnroses, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. In line with national sports week we have to teach all KS3 lessons using a sport/olympic theme, I would really appreciate any ideas, I am at the point were my mind is totally blank, I'm the least sporty person to be doing a lesson with a sports theme which doesn't make it any easier. thanks in advance
  2. Many RE teachers have done lessons that look at the links between believers going on Pilgrimage and the sensory experiences involved going to a football match. I would be inclined rather to look at the Olympic rings symbol and create a new symbol of co-operation between religions etc. Or to list religious issues that need to be addressed in the Olympic village when athletes from many different religions come to London for Olympics...eg food, where to worship, Shabbat observance etc etc
  3. The first thing that jumped in my head (mind you, I'm a non-specialist so take it with a pinch of salt!) was the treatment of the Jews by Hitler during the Olympics in Berlin (1936).
    Would be hard to do as a topic on its own I suppose, but if you are doing anything on equality and racism (I do WJEC spec B, and we cover this) then it could work...the way that Hitler was treating the Jews, yet ordered all anti-Jewish signs down for the duration of the Olympics and even had a "token" Jewish athlete etc etc....to try and hide the injustice.
    Anyway - good luck with whatever you pick :eek:)
  4. At my school we spent 3 days doing a cross curricular theme between PE, Art and Humanities. We used an image of the black power salute from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics as a starting point. In RE I focused on how there can be no room for racism in sport and the impact racism can have both within sport and society itself. I then focused specifically on racism in football, using a lot of ideas from the 'kick racism out of football' campaign from a couple of years back. There is DVD that you can order where current footballers speak about their experiences of racism, particularly when England played Spain and there were jears etc from the Spanish crowd. We then looked at poems written by people who had experienced racism and I got the students to write their own poems, in pairs, as to why racism is wrong and how it can make a person feel. The lesson was aimed at Year 7 students and went down really well. Despite the theme being football, many of the girls were interested too, and I got a lot of good work from them.
  5. You could use Cool Runnings, a film about a Jamacian bobsleigh team and the experiences they had in the winter olympics. The message at the end of the film is really powerful, about completing the race no matter what.

    Also, you could do a study of racism in the olympics - my form did an assembly on Jesse Owens, and there's quite a lot of information about how he disproved Hitler's racial theories, and also how he was treated on his return to the USA. He actually made a comment along the lines about how Hitler refused to shake his hand, but he wasn't offered a handshake from the US president either.
  6. We did day day with humanities and the olympics - looked at Jesse Owens and the racism in the olympics in the 1930's and how even the Germans cheered him on in the end, then looked at chariots of fire and how as a Christian he refused to compete on a sunday etc - got clips off you tube.

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