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RE Here I am - Energy topic in F2 help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cupcake80, May 8, 2011.

  1. Is there anybody in F2 in a Catholic school that can help me with this terms topic. I really struggle with thinking of ideas for the pentacost and the holy spirit. I feel ok talking and explaining it but need inspiration for an activity idea. We like to do at least 1 activity that can be put in books or used for a display for each RE theme. Does anybody have any good ideas?
  2. I am also interested in this thread as this is the next theme for me and I am lacking ideas!
    I have been told by my head that we need to have 4 pieces of work/evidence in their books for each topic. Is this the case for other people as I am finding it quite difficult for some topics!
  3. Fortunately we have never been told how much physical evidence we should have for each topic. Most of our RE sessions are done in circle time but we always try to have 1 piece of evidence for each topic. Even 1 piece can be difficult for some topics.
  4. I haven't been told specifically but we try to do one activity each week, but one might be an adult supported role play and in the last week of each topic i use the 'remember' session as an assessment tool and have a discussion where i colour code each child's comments to assess their understanding.
    Last week for energy we did a picture and comment such as - I use energy to or .....uses more energy than....
    this week we will role play pentecost with a sad group of Jesus' friends who are filled with happiness and spread the good news once filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Do you use God's Story and Rejoice 1.
    We looked at the picture in God's story before discussing pentecost, we talked about what we thought we could see, what might be happening etc.
    Then we discussed what actually was happening and they seemed to understand really easily.
    We also are learning the song 'go out' which the children seem to love.
    The problem I always have is differentiation for this age group and have been told that 'by outcome or support' is not good enough by our RE coordinator.
    I tend to copy the 'work' that we do in the first week and then add to this with comments throughout the topic.
    maybe we should have an early years here i am thread so that we can discuss ideas for each topic.

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