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re: help with salary, induction & supply please

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by mcwilliams, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, please could anyone offer me some advice regarding pay and induction as a supply teacher? I have read many of the different posts and although I now have a much better understanding of the complexities surrounding this area, I'm still not 100% sure!!
    Basically, I have been completing my NQT year over two academic years because last year I was employed for a maternity cover through the LA - and subsequently got 2 terms of my induction signed off. This academic year, I have been incredibly lucky to have had virtually full time supply agency work from around Oct-Nov 2010 until July 2011 and from Jan 2011 I've been working one day a week in a special needs school until the end of this academic year. Although I am employed by a teaching agency, the school very kindly enquired whether I could complete my final term of induction there and the LA have agreed. I have been assigned a mentor, had regular classes, built up good relationships with students and had some observations/feedback for my own planned lessons.
    Technically, I'm about to enter my 3rd year of teaching in September this year and because I have a PhD (and 6 years teaching experience prior to my training) my new school said they would honour my qualification and give me an extra point - but they want to offer me M3 as they didn't realise that my induction had taken 2 academic years. I know that completion of induction is irrelevant to moving up the pay scale. My question is this: does my time at the special needs school mean that I should be on M3 in sept (and possibly M4 if they honour my qualification?) because the rule says that you should be employed by a school/LA but I have been working there through an agency.
    Is there any exception to this rule - like the fact I have been observed for lessons I've planned and I guess I must be registered with the LA if I'm doing one term of induction?? I read on the TES FAQ page that if an agency has a prior agreement with the LA then supply work can count with the 26 week rule but my agency do not have this. The PA at the new school was supportive and asked me to write a letter to the Head as the paperwork/salary has not officially been confirmed and sent back to me yet.
    Also, does anyone know how many days I must be employed to get this final term signed off for induction?? Is it 63 days?
    Thank you so much - sorry my post is long.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The school can ignoreyour agency service for pay purposes.
    They should look back at your previous LA service and you need to establish in how many weeks you were employed by an LA in previous school years.
    If you managed 26= weeks in any school year, paid by an LA, you would move up the payscale for any LA work done in the next school year.
    If your LA paid teaching was on a contract, you can count all weeks that you were employed (term-time, weeks on sick leave and paid holiday weeks).
    If you were an LA daily paid supply teacher on the maternity cover, you only count the weeks when you were working in school.
    I am a little confused by your query as you have stated that the Special School work has been via an agency. Are the school paying the agency a release fee in order to put you on an LA contract for the final Induction term?
  3. In short a school can, if it wishes, progress you up two pints on the scale. You may not qualify for the automatic progression if the agency is not LA approved with an agreement,but the school can choose to pay you more - it would be up to the govenors to agree this after a request from the head.
    To qualify for induction it does not matter whop your employer is - the school, La or an agency. If a post lasts for at least a term then you must by law be placed on induction.

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