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RE GCSE paper marking whilst abroad?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by saraljames, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I am currently travelling around the world whilst on a one year sabbatical from my position as Head of RE. In order to keep my examination eye on the ball, I was hoping to do some GCSE RE paper marking. However I have just been informed by one board that even though I have marked for them in the past, and despite all scripts being marking online, I am not allowed to mark for them if I am not in the country. They were not able to given a clear explanation for their reasoning but I'm assuming it is because I can not attend the marker training day. Is anyone aware of any boards that do not have marker training days or whom conduct these online? Any suggestions much appreciated.
  2. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I marked with Edexcel last year and did it all as 'whitemail' marking the actual scripts that couldn't be scanned. For that training I had to go to London for the day.
    This year I am marking for them and doing it online. The standardisation is also done online and every has to be online at the same time for it. Is it maybe because of time differences not allowing that to happen for you?

  3. weebleme

    weebleme New commenter

    Is it because you are not allowed to mark in a public place?
  4. In all of the standardisation meetings I've done they have stressed that marking has to be done in private not public places and in the UK, not abroad. I can imagine this rule will stick, even if it is electronic. You may have to give the marking a miss this year, I'm afraid.
  5. I have just been issued a contract by Edexcel so will read through the fine print and see what its says before calling them for clarification.

    I do understand that marking has to be done in a private place and that is totally do-able whilst abroad. ( I am currently on my laptop in my campervan :) ) Time difference is also not an issue as given I have no other job at the moment I can be up whatever time need be marking scripts. In addition with the development on skype, phone contact with team leader need not be a problem either.

    Anyway, fingers crossed it will all work out with Edexcel.

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