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Re-creations task (2013) based on 'Out of the Blue' - Simon Armitage, now in the resource bank

Discussion in 'English' started by fluffykat_9, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Fantastic because I was going to do this too!
    There is a fantastic dramatisation of the whole poem on YouTube, acted by Rufus Sewell. It is in 4 parts, as the Armitage poem is part of a longer piece - the section you want is part 3/4 and the section we have starts from the beginning of the clip.
  2. Thanks
  3. I used that, the kids were really engaged by it. We also watched the documentary 'The falling man' that is on youtube and 'I survived: 9/11'. I have put some of the links on a word document in amongst the resources.

    Mine have just started filling out the planning booklet today, so I will let you know how it goes. They weren't impressed when I said that they couldn't take the actual booklet into the controlled assessment with them!
  4. I used the image and got them to discuss it (without them necessarily knowing what it was). They had to write down their feelings in 2 - 3 sentences.

    As extension, there is an article on the "jumpers" that everyone wants (apparently) to forget that I set some comprehension type questions on.
  5. phoebe

    can I have a copy of the article and the questions if at all possible? It will great for some work that I have to set for a cover lesson. Let me know if you need anything in return.

  6. Of course - I will send it to you in the morning :) Hope that is in time. It's funny that we have planned the same material and done very similar things - I seem to remember we did this once before as well! Spooky, as the kids would say.

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