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Re-Creations for AQA Spec

Discussion in 'English' started by mrushero, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone

    I am just working on planning Schemes of Work for the new specification - specifically the 'Re-Creations' one where students should transform one text in to another.
    I wondered if anyone had some great ideas/plans for this unit which they are working on. Our school is a mixed comprehensive with approx 55% getting A*-C in GCSE English, so we would need something which would appeal to them?
    Anyone got any fantastic plans they would like to share? If so, I have a great Of Mice and Men SoW and Media one to share with you!?

  2. Hi there. Nothing to offer for the Recreations because I'm thinking of Media and the Commission tasks for that unit. I have a OMAM unit and about to put one together for Media so would like to swap with you for ideas. Wouldn't claim the OMAM is great but you are welcome to a copy when it's done - haven't planned last couple of lessons yet. Haven't started on Media but have a few ideas.
  3. Maresa Brand

    Maresa Brand New commenter

    I am just looking at that section of the new Spec. as it will be one of our first Controlled Assessments. We have mapped out our plan for the next two years and we reckon it is a good idea to do one of the tasks from Unit 3b in the first half of the Autumn Term since these are of the least percentage value overall. I am thinking of doing the "Don't Get Me Started On...!" Apart from teaching the elements of the writing task such as writing to comment etc, I would explore the Room 101 approach and from that students can extend one of their chosen topics. Anyway, with regard to Re-Creations, my understanding is that the link can be quite loose really, so that it is a personal writing task. It says the text can be used as a "Springboard" and the piece of writing should then be about an aspect of their own lives, or an aspect of young people's lives. If I choose this one as my second Creative Writing I am thinking of using the personal writing task from this year's GCSE English Paper 2 (Spec B) which was to write about a person real or fictional who had influenced them in some way. I marked that paper and the question was answered really well by all levels of ability. I can send you a copy of the question and the mark scheme that was used which would give you some idea of how to approach teaching it? For middle ability students it obviously lends itself well to role models / fantasy dinner party ideas etc which would help them organise their material and could even be used as a Speaking and Listening task. I don't think I have been of much help sorry, but at the minute we are probably all just thinking around various approaches to the new Spec and it is interesting to see what others are thinking of doing.
  4. Asta9

    Asta9 New commenter

    I am in a very different school to yours but my thread about parent/child relationships is for the recreations coursework. Going to use scenes from 'Hamlet' as a springboard for students to write about family relationships. Also showing them lots of modern texts, which was what I asked about. You could probably do something similar, maybe using only one or two Shakespeare scenes and different modern texts.
    For the second piece we are also doing 'Don't get me started on...' There are so many great models of polemic available. I recommend 'David Mitchell's Soapbox' on YouTube.
  5. I have just finished planning for this...

    Post your email and I will forward my plans
  6. Hi,

    If you could send me your plans that would be fab. Am struggling with ideas! c.f.johnson@live.com

    Many thanks

  7. Hi I would appreciate this too, I have created a SPL scheme of work incorporating the three new tasks if you are interested?

  8. HI there,

    If you are able to send to me as well that would be fantastic! Thank you so much.



  9. Hi,

    I am really struggling to plan the recreations scheme and would really appreciate it if you could let me have a copy. I have a spoken language study scheme I could send you if you wished?


  10. allotmentlady

    allotmentlady New commenter

    Hi there-
    NQT that would love some help on this! I have a Macbeth/Romeo and Juliet conflict scheme of work if you woud like it in exchange
    Many thanks
  11. Hi,

    I'm an NQT. Would it be possible to also have a copy of this? Have some material on The Tempest in return if that is of interest?



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