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RE baseline assessment

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by cmeredith, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. HELP!!! I have to level (sub-levelled) my pupils 3 times a year (years 5-8) as requested by management but now I need to do a baseline assessment when they arrive with us in year 5 (middle school). I am really struggling to do this as I don't know what they have and have not covered in the different feeder first schools and need it to be quick to mark to get results handed in quickly after arrival. Can anyone help or sent me an example of one they use?
  2. believe81

    believe81 New commenter

    You might want to try posting in the RE forum but http://betterre.reonline.org.uk/assessment/teachers_guide.php might be of use.
  3. Thankyou, will try that.
  4. ...or perhaps you should point out to your management that they are a bunch of nutters/incompetents who know next to nothing about learning or assessment? Doing it for literacy and maths is bad enough, but sub-levelling R.E. three times a year is pointless, almost impossible to do with any accuracy and is likely to mean time spent finding/designing assessments which you could use much more productively.
  5. Love it lol

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