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RE and olympics

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by brown eyes, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Hi. As an exhausted NQT coming to the end of a very hard year, please can I ask for any help with a stand alone lesson I have been asked to teach. It is for yr 8 (difficult classes) and has to be about RE and the olympics, I then have to revisit the lesson in two years time and create a follow up lesson!

    I have checked the web but can't really find anything for KS3. Where am I going wrong? Can anyone kindly suggest something or point me in the right direction.

    Any advice is welcome. Many thanks.
  2. Truthfully?
    I don't think you are going wrong anywhere! It's a random lesson link in my opinion.
    Off the top of my head the only ways I could think of doing it are the following:
    How sport and religion can be seen as like a pilgirmage - there is a good video clip and essay writing frame to go with this.
    How some sportsmen - think modern day versions of Jonathan Edwards are inspired by their faith
    Or design an Olympic village with praer rooms and halal/kosher/healthy restaurant!

    But it's the holidays and I am brain dead - will let you know if I cna think of anyhing truly creative.

  3. poppy2004

    poppy2004 New commenter

    or the ethics of drug taking in sports?
    the olympic village idea is really good though...
  4. I know this is more the domain of classics, but I'd be tempted to look at the Olympics roots within Greek mythology.
  5. Thank you all so much. I had considered the Greek mythology stance and the idea of catering for an olympic village. I think the village is the idea I shall run with, there is more that can be done with that idea.
    Thanks for your help. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine.
  6. Have you thought about bringing in some political topics? Nothing too heavy but there have been recent programmes lokking at Tommy Smith and the 'Black power salute'- we look at racism and peaceful protesting etc. You could look at other boycotts or get them to design a new flag promoting equality.
    Have a look at the london 2012 site as there is lots of resources available.

  7. If you type 'Olympics' into resources on TES there is a link to the website- 'Who do we think we are' and it has a scheme of work on the Olympics and Lesson plans. They are quite good. They are about the original Olympic Values and whether the Olympics over the ages have kept to these values. It could be viewed more as Citizenship though but I am using it in RE.
  8. That seems to me the best way of doing it. You can also look at body fascism and the Berlin olympics, and the interesection of the environmental movement with notions of health and spiritual wellbeing.

  9. How about a lesson on human rights linked in with China as this is where the Olympics was held last? I have a good lesson on this for Year 8 (happy to pass on my pp if you give me your email address). I taught it in a unit on human rights for a bottom set. iI went down really well. On You Tube there are some brill little cartoons from Amnesty International about the human rights issues of the Olympic.Hope this helps.
  10. Hi
    thanks for all the replies. I would be interested to look at the China lesson. Would you kindly send it to me on alexwalkercharles@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks for everyones help.
  11. I love the Olympic Village idea! I'm going to save that for a lesson in the future. If it's an RE lesson make sure it doesn't just become a Citizenship thing about community etc. We need to keep RE about RE!
  12. G'morning, thank you very much for sharing your ideas. I really liked the three titles you suggested. Do you know where I can get the good video clip, essay writing frame and maybe lesson plan for the first key question you suggested please?


  13. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    I was looking on RE stuff this morning and there was a lesson added recently on RE and the Olympics. It was about fasting at Ramadan coinciding with the Olympics this summer. Here is the link


    There is a card sort to go with it as well which is


    You might need to do a bit of work on it as there is information missing, but it does provide a good start and has a really good news clip


    Hope this helps

  14. Does signing the cross prior to your event help you win?
  15. I am going to look at whether religion helps you win - and use a bit of Chariots of Fire ref to Eric Liddell's refusal to run on Sunday
    On the BBC site is the chaplain to the London Olympics talking about how important his role is
  16. I created a lesson on The Olympic Values and people who show them like Tanni Grey Thompson and Jesse Owens. Then we make a medal that could be given out seperate from the Gold, Silver or Bronze that recognizes an individual who displays those values. I taught it to yrs7-9 mixed ability and they loved it and the medals they made are great.

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