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Re-advertised post

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by daveclark747, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. daveclark747

    daveclark747 New commenter

    A Very Good School advertised a HoD post recently.

    They stated from the outset that, if not shortlisted, candidates would not be contacted. There was also a set interview date, the week after the deadline.

    I applied, heard nothing (wasn't too surprised as it is a little out of my league). A few days after the interview date, it was re-advertised. There was no wording along the lines of Previous applicants need not apply.

    I like to think of the Deputy Head having sleepless nights, thinking "I had a choice between Boris (whose interview lesson ended up getting the fire brigade called out) and that DaveClark chap for the last position on the shortlist, and I turned down Dave as I felt he didn't have enough experience. If only I could turn back time!". ;)

    To be slightly more realistic, I wonder if it's worth the time to look over the application again (as it wasn't the best application I've ever sent off, reading over it again) and re-apply. I am hoping:

    - Whether or not HR file everything for six months (diversity monitoring?), as far as the management are concerned this is a totally separate round of applications. The "Head of Classics Post Jan 16" pile has been thrown out, and there is now a nice new (empty) tray labelled "Head of Classics Post Feb 16".
    - Candidates for the second round of applications will be treated as 'fresh', as it were.
    - The person shortlisting (probably not likely to be the insomniac Deputy Head I envisaged above) won't notice my name at the top of the application form and then think "Well I've got 58 other applications to read so I won't waste my time going through this one again", and throw it in the 'reject' pile regardless of how much more clearly I've linked my skills to the job spec...

    @TheoGriff - what do you think? Fortunately I have a good few weeks to read through and make sure the application is the best it can be. Have you ever appointed someone for a re-advertised post whom you didn't shortlist the first time round?
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    The people applying this time may well be different from last time. Don't forget that it's competitive - so some people not shortlisted may well be perfectly good candidates. Just not quite as impressive as those who were shortlisted, on paper.

    And if the others either don't want to re-apply, or have got jobs elsewhere, and you meet the criteria, no reason not to re-apply.

    But note the bold.


    You found all the applications advice articles? Give me a tag @TheoGriff if not, and I'll give you the link.

    Best wishes


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