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RE: ADEC and visas and the actual job

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tafawke, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I'm being interviewed for an ADEC role, what can you tell me about the interview process? Do you have anything else (info wise) you can share?
  2. they ask you about how you cater for low and high ability students, about what they would expect to see when they come in your class. it was a positive nice interview actually. it was moe like a conversation. just show your passion about teaching and mention AFL (assessment for LEarning)
  3. These were the questions I was asked in the pre-screening phone interview today...
    I'm curious about what happens after an offer is made, or a contract is given - I've been trying to find stuff regarding visas and the actual arrival orientation experience etc but its hard to find so whatever you can tell me would be good... I am still unsure if this is the role for me... I'm currently a HoD in a specialist subject so I really want to know if I am going to cause damage to future career prospects by doing this role for a couple of years as I won't have 'recent UK subject/curriculum experience' on my CV... and I need to know this asap as I will be needing to fly to Dublin for the face to face interviews at my expense so I don't want to do this if I am not serious about taking on the role...
  4. the phone interview is very similar to the face to face interviews, but they will ask you in a little more detail such as: what kind of differentiation tools did u use etc. give examples. at one point i started to babble because i just had too much to say. I travelled from Manchester to London and had to stay overnight which was very expensive for me.

    I dont know, I would say do it. I was half hearted about it too at the start because of the expenses, but the overseas market is so competitive that I didnt mind going in teh end as my current UK school contract runs out at the end of this academic year so I really couldnt be choosy.

    It is vey hard to find some info on it, I tried to find some info on it too, there were a few threads on TES but this got deleted. I think you will read a lot of negative stuff, but everyones experiences are different so you should take what you read with a pinch of salt.
  5. Thanks, but a flight is going to kill my budget this month... and I have a permanent HoD role in a decent school where they are good to work with/for.... so it's a dilemma... have a read of the blog I posted in your other post- (http://athomeelsewhere.blogspot.com/p/adec.html) still had it in my clipboard.... aarrgghhh... I can't decide what to do....
  6. If you are HoD then ADEC job is not worth the money or time
  7. swagal

    swagal New commenter

    ADEC quite possibly the worst job i every had. Could not wait to get out!! Do not give up a good position to work for them, whatever they promise you in interview be careful, it is probably a lie. The kids are pretty awful, they treat you like a maid and the local staff in many of the schools won't treat you much better. If you have children forget it, they will not pay for your school fees and these can be very expensive in AD. If you have a good secure job, keep it!

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