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RE: 3D shapes and reception!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by troodles, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Love your shape family idea. Can you share some of the songs? I've got a cylinder song but stumped on covering all 3d shapes with songs
  2. Hi troodles. Just had a look and found some 3d shape rhymes;

    Cone, cone,What's your clue? Don't let the ice cream drip on you! (1 corner, 2 faces,1 edge)

    Cuboid, cuboid, What's your clue? I'm like the tissue box when you say atchoo! (8 corners 6 square faces,12 edges)

    Sphere, sphere, What's your clue? I'm like the football which you kick with your shoe! (1 face, 0 edges, 0 corners)

    Cube, cube, What's your clue? I look like the ice in a drink for you! (8 corners, 6 square faces, 12 edges)

    Pyramid, pyramid, What's your clue? I look like the house the Egyptians walked through! (5 faces, 8 edges, 5 corners)

    Cylinder, cylinder, What's your clue? I look like a tin of cream of chicken soup! (2 edges, 3 faces)

    Hope these help...although I'd be tempted to change the cylinder rhyme! :)

  3. Pow


    A good independent activity is to cut open a box and let them try to put it together. You could have different sized boxes, when I did it some children had a go at making their own boxes. I like printing with solid shapes and making cylinder people. A good plenary activity is to give all the children a solid shape and ask related questions e.g. if your shape has straight sides stand up.

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