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Rates of Pay for SEN supply

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Rosamicula, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I am working for Teaching Personnel at EBDS School in the Home Counties. All my prior teaching experience has been in FE on permanent contracts, so I have no idea about reasonable or usual supply pay rates. The agency claim they cannot pay me more than 120 quid a day, despite teh commute adding three hours to my working day. How does this compare to the going rate?
  2. Well, you are working for an agency who pay at their own rates. By joining the agency you have agreed to be paid at these rates. Presumably you asked what they were before you signed up?
    The commute is irrelevant as journeys to and from work never count in a salary calculation.
    TP are a large organisation so presumably the rate is competitive.
  3. I agree. The daily rate is good in terms of agency pay. I wouldn't commute for 90 minutes for ANY amount of money, that bit is entirely your choice.
  4. Of course I knew what my rates are - but I don't know what the going/usual rates are which is why I asked.
  5. That's interesting, thanks. I had no idea what the 'going' rate is. I was told when I signed up with my local office that my minimum would be 120quid. Not sure where you are based but I'm in West London, which may acocunt for the higher rate.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The LA 'going rate' is the your annual salary on the payscale divided by 195.
    That gives me a daily rate of £161 as I'm on M6.
    I get very little work, though, because the LA outsourced agency make more profit from sending a teacher on M1, with a daily rate of £110( OUTSIDE LONDON).
    If I'm sent to an SEN school, I get a higher daily rate via the LA as SEN teachers earn a premium of over £2k per year. Unfortunately, the wonderful SEN school where I used to get regular work has been closed and the children have been dispersed to less adequate provision in Mainstream, all in the name of Inclusion (not money saving, you understand!)

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