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Rate my teacher

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by jonowen, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. paladinStand

    paladinStand New commenter

    If you're upset about comments on the site, or you feel that they contravene the terms and conditions of the site, flag it up to a mod.

    I've had two comments about colleagues removed through this.
  2. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    thanks paladin, but I will have 11 to complain about (I'm a s***e teacher, with a liking for French wine at the moment!)it's the injustice of that whole site, but sod the bu****s, if I'm fair game then they are happy, but what does it really matter - I'm the one with the job, money and they have all that struggle ahead of them!!
  3. paladinStand

    paladinStand New commenter

    jonowen - if you have 11 entries to complain about then complain about 11 entries.

    Also, every time I get a 'negative' response, I put in my own one saying that I'm great.
  4. phil-osophy

    phil-osophy New commenter

    Thanks for the link - really funny and scary because I was able to recognise many of the kids (well the behaviour anyway).

    I have to say I take the comments kids make about my teaching seriously and have built in several activities over the year to allow them to feedback - but they then have to accept my comments about them too.

    Don't agree with RMT as it encourages the idea of rights without responsibility that I think is behind much of this behaviour.
  5. Well said jonowen....I totally agree with you...I think it is s**te too.
  6. There seems to be a campagin in my school at the moment to instill the depute as Head Teacher, in my recent absence! Not a chance of it!

    My comments are mixed, I must say, but what was I expecting?!

    Apparently, I have a liking for rambling on a bit, particularly about homework and high standards and high expectations.

    Some say I am "a legend" and some say I am "a God." However, one did suggest I was too full of my own sense of self importance!

    All to be taken with a couple of pinches of salt.
  7. missbee

    missbee New commenter

    First observation, doesn't this contravene the DPA? Second, as one post just confirmed, how do we know all of the comments are actually from students? And how do we know they are on what goes on in the classroom, or conversely the fact that a student had a can of RedBull removed from him/her on the corridor, along with the huge earrings and the mobile phone? Finally, I am all for the views of stakeholders - but surely this should be done as objective as possible, with guidelines for completion? We do a six-weekly review with all out KS3 groups - we invite them to comment on their own performance and ours; if they feel we can improve we ask them to tell us what we should change. I have to say, this is very insightful for us and useful. Anyhow, back to RMT - what a load of drivel - and for the record, I succumbed to temptation and had a peek - and I have come off pretty much unscathed, particularly compared to some of my colleagues! But it is meaningless.
  8. I have 65 ratings, ranging from 'brilliant' to 'not a good teacher'. It is not ideal, but you can't uninvent technology. I absolutely agree with Miss B regarding asking pupils for their views: it is essential.

    I am not sure that it all has to be objective, however. The fact is, that we are dealing with irrational, emotional, inarticulate, immature people (gosh, I have just described some former colleagues - I WAS referring to pupils!) and an irrational, emotional etc etc response from them may most accurately reflect where they are actually at.

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