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Rate my teacher

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by jonowen, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Just went on this for 1st time, wish I hadn't. There were 3 lovely messages and 10 nasty ones - anyone offer somw words of comfort? I maybe not teacher of the year, but I don't deserve the s***e that the s****e wrote.Can you block your own name does anyone know? I'm not going back there to find out
  2. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Just went on this for 1st time, wish I hadn't. There were 3 lovely messages and 10 nasty ones - anyone offer somw words of comfort? I maybe not teacher of the year, but I don't deserve the s***e that the s****e wrote.Can you block your own name does anyone know? I'm not going back there to find out
  3. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    Hi, I don't know if you can block your name, I would suspect not. I will just say though that you have to rmember that the ratings have come from kids. Some of them are probably doing it for effect, to show off to their pals or with the intention to hurt you.You should focus on the three who made the effort to go on and post something nice, that's a huge compliment and you must have really inspired them to do that.The others will just be following the crowd. Please don't feel downhearted, I know it's easy for me to say, I am not in a good place just now with work as you can see from my messages but I would say that you must be doing something right to have made three people go on to post something good. I checked the website out and most of the teachers that I clicked on had lots of negatives, kids must be getting a kick out of it. Forget about them and concentrate on the positive ones. I am sure that you are a great teacher and you deserve the praise :)
  4. I think you've probably got a pretty good ratio of good to bad comments. If you were to randomly pick out any teacher you'd find that 90% of them only have BAD comments, no good at all.

  5. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Thanks guys, I know what you say is right and I'm too sensitive, what a cowardly site tho' as lots of the comments are so negative and anon.
    Pink, just read your earlier post and remember your health comes first-you obviously deserve the PT promotion, it's just a pity you have to deal with some nasty, jealous types. To be honest, the line manager sounds like you are better off not working with her and their loss will be another school's great gain. I know it is painful just now but it will get better, hopr it doesn't spoil your holiday too much,take care.

  6. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    I know, you are right, it's just that I've told everyone about my promo now and am stressed about looking like a failure. However, you are right I know. I just want this horrible feeling to go away- I guess you feel the same, remember that they are just kids, they don't always do things for the right reasons. They might even be saying it because they really do like you and are too silly to say, I am sure you are a great teacher.The ones who posted positives are the ones who made the real effort and they are the ones to think about, they did that because you inspired them to. Keep your chin up and prove the others all wrong xx
  7. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    thanks pink xx
  8. had fearful check on that website myself a couple of weeks ago. (As council lawyer had already trawl internet for slanderous comments about me due to aggressive parent shouting that she'd get me sacked in front of kids / staff, daily record all the usual threats). Cannot believe the horrible things that are posted. Don;t listen to any of them. Like pink says - best to focus on the 3 nice things, and well done to those kids that you've taught that managed not to follow the herd.
    Like my old gran says - the school will be there when we're not.
    Enjoy your hols, and don;t worry about that nonsense - is just not worth it, and is only because you're so conscientious that it's bothering you.
    Take care.
  9. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    I think rate my teacher has a valid place. It is a sounding board for kids to give their view on teachers. If you are going to be upset by this do not look at it. If you can take it for what it is it is a good self-evaluation tool. (Not the best or only one but a tool that can help you).

    It really depends on the school and the "type" of kid that us it. If someone goes out of there way to put a message on it is not always harassment, often they do not make the point in a very elegant manner but this is a no hold barred critic.

    I would dispute that 90% are negative; I would say it is a lot less than that.

    As yourself why the kids do not like you/your class? Do they have a point? If you are happy and the PT/HT is happy with you, no problem. If they make some valid points take it on board.

    For the record I have had 14 comments 9 good 2 average 3 think I am a total ****, someone has got it right :>
  10. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    Sorry Subman, but I don't think anything subjective is a good self evaluation tool.Obviously it's worth considering every angle during reflection but if you are in primary the How Good is our School quality indicators are much better in terms of reflective practice, not sure about sec but guess it's the same. If teachers used Rate My Teacher as a self evaluation tool then they would only be considering a very narrow and possibly biased- due to peer pressure factors- viewpoint. The reasons that kids might rate positively or negatively may not be to do with quality of teaching.
  11. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Subman, I have to disagree with you - it's easy for you to say you think it is a good self-evaluation tool as you've been deemed 11/14 good. Obviously your kids like you and your lessons are a hit most of the time. What I object to is the personal nature of the comments and I can guess who these kids are ('she picced on me', 'didn't know her subject', 'made me cry in S5 but I still got an A for my higher hee,hee!') I wasn't going to get worked up but I am now,so here goes. The S5 pupil who cried did so because she hadn't handed in the correct material for her prelim. She was the only one of 16 who got this wrong, and because I told her firmly that she had one more day to sort it, she burst into tears. I then said let's calm down and see how best to do this quickly. With my help (that's what I'm paid for and I did it kindly) work was sorted next day. 2 days later a letter arrived from mother saying that daughter was very upset at me shouting at her, this wasn't on,may effect her chances of going to uni., demanded a meeting asap.S5 pupil didn't want meeting so it didn't happen and we got on with the rest of the course.She worked well, got an A and I was one of the 1st to congratulate her.
    So you see subman, I can't call this a self-evaluating tool because it's s***e. My HT is happy with my work (I am the PT)so I'm doing OK, but I hate unfairness in any form, and I'm trying to concentrate on the 3 kids who made me feel good.
  12. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    Exactly, subjective evidence is not useful. Move on, taking the positive ones with you and leaving the negatives behind. Good luck x
  13. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    We're singing from the same hymn sheet aren't we Pink!
  14. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    We are indeed, if it's any consolation I would take it totally personally too, that's what us girls do, but looking from the outside, it's not personal. Good luck ;-)
  15. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

  16. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    subjective evidence is not useful. Move on, taking the positive ones with you and leaving the negatives behind

    Interesting idea, if they say something nice, great must be correct if they don?t screw them they are just angry little $hits.

    I never said this was the best way of assessing your work, I said it is a 1 tool. No professional teacher would or should base there work/lesson around RMT, just the same as we should not have teachers that just want to be friends with the kids.

    What I did say was it is a sounding board for the kids. If you make the choice to read it you cannot then go in a huff if they do not all say they love you and you are just great. As the professional teacher (that I have no doubt you are jonowen) it gives you a chance to see what your pupils are thinking, if you think there are any valid points, you can address them, if you don?t well there you go.

    I have found in amongst the "he is a d£ck" comment there have been a couple of thinks I have thought were worth me addressing and considering in my teaching. (I do not base my CPD around them or my self-evaluation)

    If you just want to here how great you are just stay away from RMT or do as the rest of us do, take most of it with a pinch of salt.
  17. pink1976cat

    pink1976cat New commenter

    I am not saying that evidence from kids is not useful, it is. However, on a forum like rate my teacher it is under other influences that you have no control over. You are right, you should not look at it if you are sensitive but equally you can't use it as a tool for evaluation because of the nature of the evidence provided. It is not objective.
  18. Wouldn't be interesting if we had a "Rate my pupil" and see how they like this "self-evaluation tool".

    I can think of a few choice statements I wouldn't mind making about some of my pupils however would never dream of doing so!

    My feelings are at the end of the day we're there to teach them, get the through exams and prepare society for them and vice versa. I want their respect. If they like me as a teacher then thats an added bonus.

    Anyway its the hols and the sun is shining in caithness so its a good good day - forget the little beggars Joni!
  19. yup - my register class were discussing postings and were saying that some pupils had posted remarks that were unfair on the spur of the moment - they hadnt stopped to consider how the teacher would feel.

    also when scotland on sunday did an article one of the negative quotes used was about my best friend. the pupil described her extremely negatively - but sooo not how you would expect. it was quite a cool comment! but not funny for her

    how do these effect our employment and employability?

    do parents take it seriously?

    where is the chance for our say?

    slightly OT - was telling my mum about comments posted about me - she was suitably horrified, in fact got quite angry - then she revealed she thought i had said "rape my teacher"...
  20. Weefee - rate my pupil? Luv it! Surely someone could set this up. Pushes all my buttons.

    Don't take it too seriously, perhaps it brings home the true nature of what's in front of you for five days a week.

    When I discovered the rmt website originally I told my colleagues the next day. My smart-***** PT "knowingly" pointed out that "someone" had just rated me brilliantly, ie he thought it was me rating myself! I didn't tell him it was my own son trying to wind me up ("no-one would say that about you"). To this day my PT still thinks it was me being a bumh0le! Woohoo!

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