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Randstad Education - guaranteed payment scheme

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MisterFlibble, May 26, 2011.

  1. Lots of people long since got disillusioned with Ranstad... I took myself off their books about 3 months ago as I got utterly utterly sick of their behaviour, and with how the consultants had acted before then - no way would I have gone on one of their guaranteed schemes letting them own my soul.
  2. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I left Randstad over 12 months ago after I was messed about by them, most of the staff are useless, with one or two who was any good. But like any agency, they have their favourites.
  3. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    i signed up with them in february and no work has materialised from them whatsoever - i would tell people , find a different supply agency .
  4. Ranstad advertised on television, so I contacted them, to enqire about their pay. This was about a year ago and they still have not replied to my query.
  5. They upgraded to a snazzy new state of the art (according to them) computer system recently... lost lots of people's details. The system deletes your active status if you don't work for them for 6 months (very possible over the summer lull when you're not their favourite) and then you have to go through ALL their reference checks and work history checks again to get reactivated. I put myself through this a couple of times - got the "just updating their database" call again the other month and told them I wasn't going to bother for 2 days work and a bunch of morning calls when I was already busy for all the schools in the area I knew every other good supply had refused to work in.
    No loss - I found them the most arm twisty, emotional blackmaily, bullpoo merchants of any agency I've ever worked with - the most noteable one was "we're just checking availability as we're about to get really busy"... first week of July or some ridiculous time like that.
    I've worked more since I ditched them - my other agencies think their 6 month nuke on the system is hilarious!

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