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Raising the profile of PSHCE???

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by missmcd, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. I'm very happy to send out further copies of the ppt. Let me make it clear what it is.
    It's absolutely not for students.
    It's a series of images (with some notes to each slide) designed to introduce the pshce team and/or form tutors to the notion of preparing and delivering pshce well. It's designed for a less than ideal world, where pshce is not delivered by specialists, and intended to get them on the pshce coordinator's side and to want to make a really good job of it. Equally it could be used to get tutors and the rest of the staff to get behind PSHCE even where they don't deliver it themselves. So it's a staff meeting, start of year slot. It covers quite a lot of issues. I had other slides specific to my school which I took out.
    It would be nice to know if anyone else found it useful.
  2. There is a PPT here that tackles the awareness of PSHE in school -
  3. Hi could I please have a copy of the powerpoint too. donlonedel@gmail.com

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