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Raising the profile of PSHCE???

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by missmcd, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. What was the question? what are you all doing?
    So just how will you raise this "subject", why does it require raising do you think? Cant help but view this subject as a sad state, just what do you think parents think about reading your desperate pleas for help and resourses? Did you attend teacher training college? So many questions...so much bad practice...ON VIEW!
  2. Our internet at school not working today. Will send the ppt tomorrow. Hope you enjoy using it.
  3. Your internet not working? Makes you wonder how Plato coped...oh he TAUGHT!
  4. Ignore comments from 'the north' he/she has been reported to TES for site misuse and is currently being watched by TES admin. If he/she continues with further inappropriate comments please report him to TES staff and their account will be deleted.
  5. One wonders if Plato himself could be reported....hang on , what happened to Socretes????? Perhaps true teacher could explain ...in depth and add why some teachers who read this website....and parents....why you cant defend(between swapping) this subject? Maybe "trueteacher" should have worked abroad....if good enough?
  6. the north - it seems you just scour all posts looking for threads you can insult. You know no one on these posts, yet you make judgements about their teaching - this is pretty sad. If you're such a fine teacher why don't you post us your name and school (and not just a psuedo intellectual reply)
  7. I've just uploaded a Powerpoint and a lesson plan about why PSHE/Citizenship/Careers lessons are important to the TES resources. The PPT can be used as part of the lesson plan or on its own as part of an assembly. Please note it is tongue in cheek, and features caricatures as a means of proving a point. If you are offended by Shiraz the footballers wife or Ivan the skinhead, or you don't think they are appropriate in your school, then feel free to adapt the resource to your own requirement. You can access the resource at https://www.tes.co.uk/resources/Resource.aspx?resourceId=9...

    The resource comes from www.PDCeducation.co.uk where you will find resources for key stage 4 across the personal development curriculum.
  8. I have done so much "citizenship" work all my career.from German schools swap programmes to Middle East shared school projects. Have worked with the BBC to Virgin Airlines....But I do not contiually swap "powerpoints" on line!!!!!
  9. hey rlj27

    thank you for the powerpoint

    I wont use it in assembly but it will may an excellent starter for KS4 CPSHE which is non-examined in our school.

    some of the kids see non-examined = non-value but this ppt will help us to explain - with a touch of humour.

  10. The above poster says it all!!!!
  11. TO cmgi,

    I would also appreciate a copy of your powerpoint - not sure how at the moment I will use it but It would certainly be helpful as I am like many others in a department of me, myself and I. So other ideas that may result in me being inspired with other new and fresh ones are really welcome.


    To anyone else who is new to PSHE/PSHCE/PSHCEE or any other combination I have just finished making a handbook which could be helpful as a starting point to others. At the moment it is just the role or PSHE and the aims as the rest of it is school specific.

    To the North

    I am sorry that people sharing ideas and thoughts and resources is so offensive to you. I find it slightly ironic that you get so angry about people sharing things on a PSHE forum when surely part of of PSHE is about contributing to society and if cgmi is happy to contribute to the teaching community by sharing her resources how is that a problem? Many other professions share knowledge - I don't know of anyone who thinks that sharing information is a negative
  12. Perhaps it because there is no debate on this section,no deep questions on the direction of this subject and seemingly endless swapping of resourses. Perhaps this section just lacks soul, Im not "angry", I suppose I am just sad that this section,above all the others,is a swap forum.
    If this subject requires a "raising of profile" then surely there are issues within the subject/teaching of it, that could be discussed here? Iam saddened that others dont take the time to do this, or is this the sort of nation we have sadly turned into?
    Some member of your subject even tried to report negative posters,one cannot but think of Robert Gellatelys fine study of what happens when civilised people resort to denouncements and card indexes,where will it lead?
  13. there is no point in all singing all dancing assembly if the lessons are not up to scratch. get a specialist dept, with couple of staff tops, do the PSHE CPD, implement a broad spiral curriculum, teach it in a timetabled lesson per week and totally love teaching it. it's a fab subject and needs hard work and committed teachers - and then the kids will enjoy it and value it and the profile will be raised as a consequence. it can be achieved quickly. doesn't take long for word to get around that PSHE lessons are suddenly fab
  14. You always have to start somewhere with a new subject like citizenship and it's because it's new that people like the north can't handle it. They think they've been doing it for years but that's unlikely unless they and they alone in the country have been given discrete timetable time for Citizenship.

    Re PSHE it is a developing area which has improved vastly in many schools in the past few years, including mine. We started GCSE shortcourse citz. with all of Y9 last year and they will take it at the end of Y10 this year. They are really enjoying it as the lessons are engaging and carefully planned by specialists, though for some groups delivered by history teachers who volunteered to put in the work to learn how to teach it well.

    PSHE at my school suffers because taught by form tutors, ie non specialists. However pupils respond well where teachers prepare it properly. If you want to do it as PSHE&C I'd suggest doing it as clearly defined units of PSHE and then others of Citz and making this clear to pupils.

    If you want resources for the citizenship work you'll be doing, lots of NGOs and government bodies such as Parliament and Oxfam and UNICEF have free downloadable SOWs online - they make a good start. Good luck!
  15. if youre still going with that powerpoint and anybody has time id really appreciate a copy...just started teaching pshe and really enjoying it but also want to raise its profile at school. thank you!

    my email is abigail.gardiner@googlemail.com
  16. Hi cgmi

    would it be wrong if i also requested the powerpoint..? I can't believe it's been going for almost a year now..

    email: shakeelzakir@hotmail.com



  17. Is "powerpoint" all there is ?
  18. I think that as teachers we all work very hard. What's the point in reinventing the wheel, if we all pool our resources together then it will itself raise the profile of PSHE as we will have lots of great ideas. Please could I have a copy of the powerpoint, many thanks in advance (melissa_s_walker@yahoo.co.uk)
    Thanks for sharing your efforts
  19. Then should ALL "citizenship" teachers come from outside teaching? strikes me that is where the real world is and the real teachers too. If this "subject" requires raising,then that is because there is a problem? Many a parent would suggest these "citizenship" teachers should teach maths or English and leave "citezenship" to those who are outside teaching but WELL inside "citizenship".
  20. I'm not entirely sure about the point you are trying to make? Many of my parents don't know what Citizenship is until their child is in year 7, when it is introduced to them. And many of my pupils comment on the fact that their parents cannot help them with their homework for Citizenship as they don't know the answers. This may be the pupils social demographic, in part, I suspect it is, but it doesn't make it any less important, in fact, I'd argue it is more so!

    I think that speaks volumes for the importance of the subject, we live in a society that is increasingly one-issue focussed or totally apathetic, especially when it comes to politics. At least if we are making pupils aware of the processes in society, then they can make a decision (an informed decision) about whether they want to be an active citizen or not?

    As for swapping resources, I think its good people are prepared to swap resources, if we all work and develop on different units, we could have amazing schemes of work: we all have to start somewhere and I know with Citizenship, you often start with little or no resources in school at all!

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