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Raising the profile of PSHCE???

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by missmcd, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. A bit silly that you are insulted. If you have read the recent ofsted then you would understand the context it was written in.
  2. will do my best to re-send tomorrow!
    feeling exhausted already and it's only five weeks into the year...
    Though when I look at some of the other forums (fora?) here, realise that PSHCE is where all the sane/helpful/cool people hang out.
  3. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    There is a problem with PSHE and Citizenship. The Government see these as part of the personal development curriculum. The subjects should be more of a whole school thing, to most kids it is a lesson and that's it. We should draw a fine line between academic subjects and personal development suibjects like PE and Citizenship/PSHE. We have the same problem in PE, kids see it as a lesson and do not see the bigger picture. I would love to see PE removed from the Nat Curric, that way we can develop activities for the kids that they actually want to do. The kids can work hard in the morning in their academic lessons, knowing that it is a games afternoon (their time to do their activity). Rant over!
  4. jonny- Citizenship is not about personal development- that's PSHE.
  5. CMGI,
    problems with the internet but think it's fixed now....
    Is the powerpoint still available?
  6. I will send it to you from school tomorrow.
    Anyone else got any bright ideas for profile raising (or even better, for getting better lessons delivered to the kids?)
  7. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    tibbet - taken from QCA site:

    The personal development curriculum is clearly evident in the compulsory subjects of citizenship, and religious education.

    In most schools, the personal development curriculum is underpinned by a programme of personal, social and health education (PSHE) for which there is a non-statutory framework.

    Physical education (PE) also makes a significant contribution to the personal development curriculum. This features less here because specific guidance has already been developed on health and wellbeing in PE.

  8. Think I have sent ppt out to everyone who asked.
  9. cmgi
    my apologies for bringing this post all the way to the top again, but if i could have a look at your ppt that would be soooo helpful.
    i know its cheeky asking, but if thats ok i would appreciate it.
  10. Could i have a copy please?
    Im doing some research on this at the mo for an assingment. The idea of PSHCE as a subject personally makes me angry but i suppose you have to do what your told.

  11. JM I will send it from school.
    dotty, why does pshce make you angry? isn't the best research usually done with an open mind?
  12. I know that this post is from a year ago with ad-ons in now too, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could I have a copy of the PP?
    Many many thanks
  13. I'll send it to those who have asked since April.
    We have just used a staff meeting to deliver an inset, focusing on group forming for PSHE, but also on some techniques which might not come so naturally to some non-specialists. Any interest?
    Who's fed up of people selling stuff on this forum?
  14. You bunch of sad failures!
  15. Hi CMGI

    Looking forward to receiving the Powerpoint - thanks. Also very interested in techniques for non specialists.

    Many thanks

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