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Raising the profile and student numbers in KS4 Food Tech

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by susanwoodley, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Live cooking events during open evening with visitors taking part - pizza making is always a winner!! Sainsbury's Active Kids Webite <u>http://www.activekidsgetcooking.org.uk/</u> is great for KS3/4/5 they award students bronze, silver, gold and platinum certification (free) with a national competition included. The cetificates are excellent quality and can be obtained online. Great for presenting in assembly to raise the profile of Food.

  2. I think the more prominent role of cookery programmes on television and celebrity chefs are making a career in catering and particularly as a chef far more appetising now adays. Many of our clients ask us to design a food technology space that bridges the gap between KS3 life skills (basic cooking) and GNVQ level commercial catering. Perhaps if you havent already you might consider asking the school to re-furbish the food tech room.
    I can email you a portfolio of our food technology room projects if you are interested.
    Oliver Wotton
  3. Thank you Susan. I will certainly have a look at the Active Kids website. We used to deliver a programme where students earned a Food Certificate, maybe this is something we need to get back into.
    Thank you for your help
  4. Thank you for the time you have taken to reply to my post. We tried to get a vegetable garden up and running but I am now thinking perhaps we start on a smaller scale - I would like to see the students grow their own herbs and use those in their cooking. The students are really good when it comes to catering for school events - they have supported a great deal in the past and it has proven to be a very good way of putting batch and large scale production into practice. I am very interested in setting up more competitions as I agree this would be an excellent way in which to celebrate success and promote the department. I will certainly suggest to my Food teacher to try and make contact with parents who work in the food industry.

    Thank you
  5. pecks

    pecks New commenter

    Ring around. Top hotels in your erea to get a chef to demonstrate cooking skills also get the school canteen chef involved.
  6. Is the intention to raise the profile of Food technology or Catering? Sainsburys Awards are great BTW

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