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Raising profile of music throughout the school

Discussion in 'Music' started by katielouisesm, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. katielouisesm

    katielouisesm New commenter

    Ive become a recent subject leader in music in primary. It is the least musical school I've worked in! There is a choir and ks1 and ks2 singing assemblies but music isn't highly thought of. I want to raise the profile

    I can't work on ks2 singing assembly as this is all arranged through a local singing initiative where schools get together. I can and will make the ks1 ones better though!

    What I'm looking for is tips and ideas to raise the musical profile. My first idea is to have a different genre of music every half term and every week a different artist with their music playing as chn come into each assembly. This will be displayed in the hall.

    But what else?! I'm really struggling! Plus as a part timer there is a limit yo what I can implement
  2. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    Do the children have class Music lessons every week?

    Are there any individual instrumental lessons happening at the school?
  3. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

    SInging can become the norm if you start with Early Years and maintain it. This ECD might ce of interest to you in that respect http://www.onemoretime.biz/snippety-songs.htm IT helps create an ethos where music becomes a part of what happens in every day life.
  4. jerrymaker

    jerrymaker New commenter

    Get weekly concerts going and ask children to perform on instruments they learn outside school. Use music in classtime. I also use youtube karaoke a lot.

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