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Raising Money for your school- ideas please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cthomas31, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Thanks to both messages, really helpful! I will talk to the head about these ideas and maybe get back to you about some of the things! I love the CD ideas, I have songs, so may try a CD sale! Our xmas fair went really well (we had little plastic bottles which the children filled with sand of different colours- it raised loads of money!) Making parents aware of how much help we need is probabaly the most important bit!

    Thanks for the ideas! Claire
  2. We have a disco every term which raiss a couple of hundred each time which is easily our mainstay for fundraising. Christmas, Easter and summer fairs also do well - the tombola tops us up each time. People are very good at donating prizes even if they don't have money to spend - we are not particularly in well off area at all but I think people always have an umwanted gift lurking in their cupboard. We have also signed up to Easy fundraising which means that when parents shop on Amazon, the book people etc if they go via that site they get a few pennies for the school. Everything adds up. Good luck

  3. We do termly fairs, and non uniform days...for example next Friday is always 'decorations' day for 50p to celebrate Christmas coming and the children come in sparkly clothes or with Christmas decorations on themselves!
    We also do Bags2School as it raises £400+ for almost no effort...you send the bags home and ask for them in during a certain week...a lorry comes to collect them and you get a cheque based on the weight!
    We make quite a bit from Spree books and sell donated cakes at every open event possible (Christmas productions, Year 6 end of year play, open assemblies, teddy bear picnic lunches etc. etc.)
    Class teachers also have 'open events' every 1/2 term. These are part of our open door feel, but usually the children make something to eat or sell and squash/tea/coffee raise £30-50 each time to go straight into that class teachers budget. I usually go all out to raise money at these as the £180-200 raised over the year goes straight into my class pot for resources and to help keep the cost of trips down. For literacy open afternoons, for example, we make book marks and book themed snacks. Although, the most I've raised at one of these was at the end of an art unit...we made £72 at a "Fashion Show" we held at the end of a textiles unit. Grown ups came to watch the show, and we sold apple juice mixed with sparkling water in 'souvenir' champagne glasses that we'd decorated with sequins and glitter, and took pictures of families at the event, printed them off, laminated them and sold them for 50p each (wallet sized prints)
    Lots of us also make end of year photo slide shows to music or movies and invite the parents in at the end of July...we send notes home before hand saying that we'll be selling copies for personal use for £1, and that the money raised (beyond buying the CD's/DVD's) will go towards the class budget the following year. This is another guaranteed £30-40 as many parents buy more then 1.
    Hope any of that helps :0)
  4. Also check out the Lottery funding websites...we recently got several thousand for a project on our field that was going to be part of bringing our wider community together. :0)
  5. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Our local toy library runs a toy sale which is a great money spinner. It's held in November - good clearout time before Christmas, and a chance to pick up some bargains.
    I can tell you more about how it works, but basically people set their own prices for what they're selling, and the toy library takes £2 + a 20% cut. There's an entry price of £1 per family for the sale, split in our case between the school (who host) and the toy library. At the end of the morning, people collect their takings and anything they haven't sold.
    This year, at ours, most people sold most of what they brought. The toy library and PTA (along with any helpers) got to shop first: the PTA had a list of requests from teachers, and for £145 bought lots of stuff that they were after at knock-down prices.
    It's quite a bit of work, but provides a useful service to parents as well as raising money.
  6. I was thinking of making a times tables CDs with my maths set to sell, with a bit of music or rapping as well. Could be a winner and pretty cheap to produce.
  7. We go into town with two classes at Christmas and take collection tins Carol Singing.
    We also hold an annual cream tea singing concert in the summer where all KS1 and reception children sing and people donate scones etc. for sale on the day as well as an entrance charge.
    Everyone in school draws a small picture of themselves and we put these together then get tea towels printed with all the pictures on alongside the school name each year.
    We have just held our christmas tree festival which is sponsored by local business, who also kindly donate prizes for a christmas tree colouring/ decorating competition which childeren pay 20p to enter as well as an entrance fee on the night for entrance to the festival and teas and coffees. This is great as it's a community event so lots of people who aren't related to school come too, which swells the numbers. Local businesses decorate trees e.g. the vets did one made out of those cones dogs wear round their necks to stop them scratching!
    At our Carol concert we always do well selling christmas decorations that the children make e.g. decorated ginger biscuits, as well as teas, mulled wine etc.
    Parents donate second hand uniforms for us to sell on to other parents which is a win win.

    Good luck : )
  8. Could you put links on your website so that clicks to other sites earn school money? What about the children designing Christmas cards, getting them printed and selling them to parents/relatives? Could the children write to local businesses for donations of time/items for fundraising?

    Good luck
  9. At my school we give each class £10 to spend on an activity / stall resources (examples have been - sponge the teacher, hotdogs, cakes, fairground attractions). Then one afternoon each term the children make posters and sell their products to other classes and parents. The money raised is then split between the class (they decide what they want to buy) and the rest is put into resources for the school. The children really enjoy it.

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