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Rainforests creative homework

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hezzy_pie, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm just trying to think of a creative homework project to give to my year 2, 3 and 4 class for over half-term. For example, when we did Tudors they were asked to research and make a Tudor house at home. I'm struggling with rainforests though! We now have very little surface space to display things on, so can't do anything like 'make a shoebox rainforest' or anything like that!
    So far within the topic we have covered rainforest locations, layers of the rainforest, Henri Rosseau, insect adaptation, the water cycle, 'Just so' stories by Rudyard Kipling. So...the project could build on any of these or could introduce something completely new.
    Any suggestions would be massively appreciated!
    Thanks, Heather
  2. Could they produce a factfile on a rainforest animal of their choice? Or a PPT? Could they design a tree house that they would live in if they were in the Rainforest? Could they create a new species of animal that lives in the Rainforest & present as they wish? Make a collage of a Rainforest scene. Design an outfit with gadgets for a Rainforest explorer?
    Will try and think of some more!!

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