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Rainforest Assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fairy_magik, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Hi all - I have seen a few older posts on Rainforest Assemblies and I already have the Kapok tree and Emerald crown resources, I am just trying to modernize some older assemblies I have found - does anyone have any ideas or resources tey could share??? I am going to go a Rockin' Rainforest type news report but my kids are all wanting cool songs etc to use - we are doing the Layers song (to the tune of If you're happy and you know it" - thanks who ever posted it).

    Anything you can share would be amazing - I know its a popular topic so hopefully I will not be alone in benefitting from this post :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. There is an album of really cool rainforest songs called 'The Rainforest and You' by Kurumikidz. It is downloadable from amazon and the songs are great to sing along to or for dance.
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    Have you seen this site?
    There are two songs, with lyrics available for free here (I love the song about the ants!), but do follow the link to kurumikidz, where you'll find a CD with the option to download more songs and backing tracks.
    or you can download the tracks individually here:
    Ooops - just realised I'm pointing you towards the same songs as twinkle298! Great minds ... [​IMG]

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