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Discussion in 'Geography' started by anon3407, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm a PGCE student and am going to be teaching weather and climate to my year 8s (all boys), but am struggling to make it particularly interesting. Has anyone got any ideas how to make my lessons a bit more 'innovative' and perhaps hands on (they enjoyed getting to use the 'weather measuring equipment').

    Specifically I'm going to be doing rainfall (frontal, convectional and reflief), different types of clouds, and depressions/anticyclones (which I only remember covering at A Level and didn't really understand it then)!

    They pupils are quite bright (set one and two out of five).

    Thanks very much in advance.
  2. One that I've seen and loved, although not had time to use well:

    (this I did use and the students really enjoyed it)

    One I want to try:

    And other useful links:

    And every class I've shown it too loves this:

  3. Hi LTC1409
    We've got quite a few rainfall and climate resources that have been uploaded by teachers to TES Resources. You might find a bit of inspiration here.
    Rainfall and climate resources
  4. There are a lot of resources and recommended links on the MetLink website www.metlink.org - look under teachers and useful links. Particularly popular ones for KS3 are the resources on the radical geography and digital geography sites - people either seem to love or hate 'postman pat does depressions'. Also worth looking at are the NGfL Cymru resources (particularly 'factors affecting weather and climate' and 'a depression and its associated fronts'). The BBC bitesize revision notes for weather systems might be good for background information. Hope that helps.

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