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rainfall intensity/erosivity

Discussion in 'Geography' started by seanherdhoare, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. seanherdhoare

    seanherdhoare New commenter

    Hi Guys,

    Any idea if 2 events of 50mm intensity has the same effect as one 100mm intensity event? Might have to look at the energy relationship - if the relationship is linear, then it may possibly be equal, but if its exponential, then the 100mm event will beat 2 x 50m events.
  2. SkernLodge

    SkernLodge New commenter

    My instinct is that a single high-intensity event will allow for greater rates of erosion than separate events. I'd imagine that sheet and rill erosion would be greater, as runoff is probably higher owing to saturation of soil due to prolonged rainfall. Soil landforms would also be prone to greater chance of mass-movement and slumping from weight gained by saturated rainfall.

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