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Rainbow Fish - year 1 Literacy

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Nutty06, May 25, 2008.

  1. Could you do some setting description and some character description? Could you also get the children to design their own character from the story and then write a story concentrating on the beginning, middle and ending of it based loosely round the story?
  2. Thanks for the lovely ideas.
  3. You could do a compare and contrast activity with a different fantasy setting, i.e. with Elmer in the jungle or with a story set in space. Lots of lovely role play ideas to act out the story or hotseating the characters. If you have Val Sabin Dance unit in school then there is a dance unit based around The Rainbow Fish.
  4. I did this whilst on placement in Reception and loved the book so much!
    The children did a collage of the rainbowfish - with one sparkly scale, this was placed on a background with wavy lines on using different media - pastels etc.
    Describing words for the rainbow fish
    ICT activity - think it is on Kent NGFL website which works really well
    Also read one of the other rf books
    What went really well was making up own rainbow fish story - i did this as a whole class activity and drew a storyboard of the story the class came up with on the board. Children were really good at this.

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