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Rainbow Fish activities

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by aacordu2, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I'm going to do a Rainbow Fish topic in the 1st week in y1. Here are some of my ideas:

    write their good qualities on scales - to stick onto big rainbow fish

    design a new pattern

    fish for sounds - make CVC words

    fish for numbers - add them together

    paint a fish & add a silver scale

    write what he could/should do?

    retell the story in a comic strip

    write how he feels onto a fish shape

    Any others would be appreciated!
  2. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    I'm doing Rainbow fish in my first full week, and trawled through the resources on and saved to a folder. If you want to avoid going through the resources, I would gladly email you them if you post your address. THere's some god maths games and pictures for colouring plus whiteboard version of the story.

    x Char.
  3. have just done that too so will prob be ok now! (should prob have done that 1st!) thank you x
  4. tog


    ********** has a Rainbow Fish pack if you haven't already seen it.

    We had an underwater role-play area (piece of blue curtain hanging up, some Ikea finger puppets for fish, a few pebbles, waterweed etc)

    You could make an outdoor "river" too just with chalk, or more elaborate if there's time.

    PSE idea - at the start of the day you give someone the Special Silver Scale, they then have to give it to someone else who is helpful/kind to them, who then gives it to someone else etc, stop every now and then to talk about this (and make sure whoever has it hasn't forgotten!) - I didn't think this would work with my Y1s, I thought whoever had it would keep it, but they did it really well.

    Sorry can't think of any more - still have Holiday Brain!
  5. I love this idea - thanks!!
  6. Hi,
    im a teacher trainee and i just wanted to ask what science activities and concepts oculd be taught with using the rainbow fish?
    please help!
  7. nearly_there

    nearly_there New commenter

    For science you could do sinking and floating?
    I have just done the rainbow fish / sealife with KS1 SEN children working at P levels.
    We did
    * sorting sea animals from farm animals
    * sensory fish hunt (finding plastic fish/crabs ect in seaweed-spinach, water and sand)
    * using fish in maths to look at size (made a fishy picture with big fish swimming at the bottom of our tank and small fish swimming at the top of the tank)
    * word matching using the ********** key words and pages from the story book.
    * making a Rainbow fish picture using different materials for the scales.
  8. Hi thank you so much- your ideas are wonderful- could they work for a reception class? I have to do an assigment- which is a cross curricular resource box which promotes conceptual learning in both maths and science in a aprticular age group. it has to contain a variety of activities and resources of an investigative nature.
    I was thinking of doing the rainbow fish- reading the book and for
    math: counting/number- Play a rainbow fish board game= addition and subtraction of fish scales using a number line and ..i cant think of anyother activity invovled with counting?
    For science i looked at EYFS documentation and maybe could teach the concept of living things?through:
    Investigate objects and materials by using all of their senses as appropriate. Find out about, and identify, some features of living things. Here i could do like your activity- a sensory fish hunt (maybe in a sand box place spinach, water and sand and plastic fish, crabs, little fish. there activity (practical) could be to identify how they stay alive- what they eat? wehre do they live? how do they stay alive?
    Your idea has really intrigued me- can you think of any idea in the science activity?
    thank you soo much!
  9. Hi would you be able to email me these resources too! i am a teacher trainee and i have an assignment where i need to produce a cross curricular resource box which promotes math and science concepts! i wanted to do the rainbow fish theme!
    my email address is efes@live.co.uk
    i would really appreciate it!
  10. Hello! Do you think you could e-mail me the folder you created for 'Rainbow Fish' ideas - would be great ! Thank you!
  11. Hi Dear,
    I would like to have your folder of resources on the rainbow fish. My email address is kumkumas@yahoo.com.
    Thank you
  12. returningprimaryteacher

    returningprimaryteacher New commenter

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