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RAG FeedbackLoop

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by joshpayne72, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    Hope you are well,

    I am 17 and last year I did my GCSEs

    When I came to revise I got stuck as I didn’t know what part of subjects I knew and parts I didn’t.

    Now I’m doing alevels it is vital I know what parts of the specification I know I can do and what parts I can’t.

    I’m not the only one though. Many of my friends and people I know when it came to revise nobody knew where’s to start their revision.

    So that is why I have spent a couple of months coming up with a way to make this possible.

    It is called RAG FeedbackLoop

    The prototype I have built works using Google Sheets where each student has one with all their subjects on and broken down into sections. So they can go along and rate each part of the specification out of Red = for didn’t get it Amber = for kinda got it and Green = for know it.

    So when it comes to their exams they know what to revise.

    The teacher also has a spreadsheet with all their students on so they can mark each student on the parts of the specification. This gives the teacher an idea of how the student thinks they are doing and it gives the student an idea of how the teacher thinks they are doing. The students spreadsheet could be shared with the parents to make sure they know what is going on to.

    This currently is the prototype and as it uses Google Sheets is timely to set up and restrictive for schools to use as they would need to purchase GSuite.

    I would like to get a handful of developers on board to develop a website where this could all occurs and become more main stream.

    I am hoping some people on here would like to develop it and test it and give feedback on the current prototype.

    I am also trying to raise money towards this project through Patreon:

    On there, there is a video of how it works as well

    Please email me at rag.feedbackloop@gmail.com



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