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Radio silence from my new school

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by EvaAeri, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. EvaAeri

    EvaAeri New commenter

    Hi everyone. I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on my current situation.

    On Monday, I interviewed for a teaching post and was offered the job on the same day, which I accepted. The school knew I had another interview on the following day and called me in the evening offering an additional TLR for an area of curriculum I was passionate to develop. We agreed on my salary, number of days (I changed from 4 to 5) and a spring term start.

    However, the school asked me if I could start even earlier than that, ideally in a couple weeks' time. This was a bit of a stretch as I have other commitments, but fortunately my working arrangements are flexible enough for me to consider this. The headteacher asked me to have a think and decide what time would be best so that I do not have to rush expectations being it should be sometime in mid/late March.

    I accepted and the following day decided on a date which seemed like a good compromise. I called the number which was used to offer me the job (a mobile) but no one picked up. I made an assumption that the person was busy and decided to send a short, very formal text suggesting a starting date and asking if it suited the school as well. Throughout Tuesday, no one got back in touch with me. It felt a bit strange but I wasn't worried yet. I decided to wait till early afternoon on Wednesday, having cancelled another interview, and called the number again. And again, no response. This time I left a short voice mail asking for a call back regarding the starting date, trying not to feel like a pest. Now slightly worried, I waited for a few more hours and having spoken to a few colleagues, I decided to call the school, thinking that maybe this mobile did not belong to the principal and was an SLT mobile or so. The receptionist told me that the principal's PA was busy at the moment and directed me to her voice mail. Again, I just recorded a short message. And again, no one called me back. I have not received an email confirming the offer neither.

    I realise that the school might be just busy, that maybe the person who interviewed me in not in change of the recruiting process or maybe they still are recruiting for other posts. However, as its already Thursday, I am now beginning to feel slightly unsure about the school's handling of this case. A quick phone call saying' sorry, call your HOD about it', or'I do not deal with this now, please liaise with HR,' would get this sorted. I am beginning to feel baffled by this radio silence from the school. If I am about to start in 2-3 weeks, I need some time to put things in order and complete some projects which I set myself to do. If I have 6 weeks, I will plan accordingly.

    Would this raise your suspicion? Would you see this as a red flag? Am I being unreasonable?

    All advice appreciated and sorry for a long post...
  2. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    I am sorry to hear about this school leaving you in limbo, especially you have cancelled other interviews on the strength of what you thought was a job offer. Have you heard anything more?
    agathamorse likes this.
  3. EvaAeri

    EvaAeri New commenter

    Hi, I have just heard back, It was a misunderstanding and they apologised. All is good now.

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