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radiation protection advisor

Discussion in 'Science' started by hcb, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. hcb

    hcb New commenter

    I work in an independent school in Surrey and I have to find someone to be our RPA. I've drawn a blank so far. Any ideas gratefully received.
    Thank you
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Looks like either you will have to do it, or the HT will have to do it or the HT will have to offer some sort of financial incentive to do it.

    Presumably your science teacher(s) wants to use the radioactive sources, they would be the ideal people to be the RPA. If they don't want to do it then it may cost you a lot of money to dispose of any sources you have on site.
  3. Blazer: RPA not RPS.
    CLEAPSS L223 has details of requirenets and a list, if you are a member. Or try SSERC in Scotland.
  4. http://www.andy-piggott.co.uk/healthSafety.html

    "He is also Radiation Protection Officer for schools in four local authorities."

    Would he do an independent school ?
  5. It has to be someone who is on site so that they can deal with any issues. I do it for my school and it is a very easy job to do. Part of teh responsibilities are ensuring that people who are using the sources do so safely, making sure that the sources are stored correctly and ensuring that the action plan is carried out in an emergency i.e sources in use and fire alarm goes off.
    Try contact STUDSVIK for advice
    Most of the responsibilities are fairly low level. But and this is the big BUT if it goes wrong ...i.e a source goes missing then the school could be shut down for a period of time while it is investigated to see if it can be located and lots of high level agencies involved. I wouldnt want to be me if that ever happened. Worst case mind you!
  6. hcb

    hcb New commenter

    Thank you for your comments.
    I'm the RPS and oversee use of sources in school. It's an advisor that I need.

    I thought this would be easy to sort out, but is proving surprisingly difficult. I've contacted a number of local independent schools without success, so I'm now asking everywhere i can think of - this forum being at the top of the list, of course!
    We are a member of CLEAPPS but they did not offer any help - I think they only help maintained schools.
    I'll try Andy Piggott and any other suggestions would be very welcome.
  7. Orion

    Orion New commenter

    The RPA you need might well be attached to LA. Why not just ask them to come in, most will even if it is a small fee. However, may be easier than trying to find an indy one who might charge more. I think that they take the view any contact with LA is better than letting it go out.

    I agree RPA is not RPS and you do need an external person. Also until you have one you should not be getting samples out etc..
  8. Anprevious school I worked at had someone from the NPL at Teddington.
  9. Curious, as their guide:" Radiation Protection in School Science: Guidance for Employers
    Information for independent schools & colleges
    (including foundation & voluntary-aided schools & academies) (PS46B)" -has a whole list of RPAs.
    I also wonder what the other schools are doing, if they were unable to suggest an RPA.
  10. hcb

    hcb New commenter

    I went on a course for RPSs run by CLEAPPS , was given a copy of their guide and told that they could provide contacts. Then when we contacted them we were told that they could not help at all! We contacted them several times but maybe I'll try again.
  11. Dear hcb
    I have colleagues at CLEAPSS (did you contact the correct people?) who deal with all this and obtained the following for you.
    At present, schools can only belong to the CLEAPSS RPA service through a local authority (who must appoint a radiation protection officer to run the programme locally). CLEAPSS encourages non local authority schools (including independents and academies) to approach LAs in their area to enquire about joining the service through them. Many LAs are happy to offer membership of the RPA service in this way. LAs will make a charge for this service but this often compares very favorably with the cost of appointing an RPA directly. If you are having difficulty finding an LA prepared to offer this service please contact CLEAPSS (01895251496) for advice. As you work in Surrey, you will gievn the Surrey RPO contact first.
    The Director could not understand the phrase "could not help at all" as many independent schools use this scheme. CLEAPSS do log calls so perhaps they will be able to identify the problem you have .I hope this helps.
  12. hcb

    hcb New commenter

    Thank you. I think we must have contacted the wrong people at CLEAPPS. I will try again.
  13. I know this is not directly relevant, but...
    I need to buy a new GM counter and GM tube for my school.
    I would like to use this same equipment for the annual safety checks which the Radiation protection Supervisor need to carry out.
    Can anyone please recommend which GM counter and GM tube I should buy?
    Thanks in advance!
  14. Orion

    Orion New commenter

    You can either use the Philip Harris one or Pasco, both are good. Also maybe a data logging driven one. Pasco can do both. Costs a bit though.

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