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Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by frannysing, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Does anyone teach any pupils with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). We currently have a YR 10 pupil with the condition and I am looking for any constructive advice on managing his behaviour.

  2. RAD diagnoses are like hen's teeth. I work in a behaviour unit and I've never had one even though I've seen many pupils that would probably qualify. The attachment theory literature does say that there are issues with the diagnosis criteria (Prior and Shaver) and this may be why so few children are diagnosed.
    There are some good books on attachment issues. I like the ones from the Worth Publushing company which includes Bomber and Geddes but the most practical is by Delaney - she talk s about "the unteachables" and gives some very good ways of understanding their issues as well as some really good strategies - may need more than a single teacher intervention though - may need to involve others.
  3. Thanks for your reply. We do have 2 pupils in our school with RAD but both display quite different behaviours (as the list of symptoms is vast) and we do have excellent support from parents/carers and other agencies.
    I will have a look at Delaney. Cheers.

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