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r u sure you want to teach in Saudi?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by arbitrator, May 23, 2008.

  1. Such a shame, Clovis. One minute, informative, knowledgeable, agreeable, acceptably disagreeable even, the next, a change of wind direction and you turn back into an angry, little man.

    Why? Why are you so antagonistic and confrontational? Which one your relatives do we to point to and 'say, that's the reason why he is such an angry little chap.'? You're not angry with me, Clovis, or Mainwaring, or Stopwatch. You are angry at yourself, aren't you. Angry, angry, angry.

    Drink more, ********** more, do something, but develop a lighter side, for Chissssakes.
  2. Maybes itsch becosh your troushers are a beet TOITE!
  3. Clovis?s split personality is a direct result of the violent inner struggle to determine his 'raison d?etre' - who and where he comes from, London or Portsmouth?

    The symptoms of his confusions are often displayed on this thread, PP. Very messy business indeed!

    Aliena nobis, nostra plus aliis placent, hey Mainwaring, ol? fruit, ol? boy!
  4. Wonder where the flight is to? Cairo to duff up some posters (inc. me). Spain to kill old man Mainwaring (no offence). Or Thailand for periodical rumpty with a woman that can't say no. Surely a boat to Amsterdam would have sufficed.

    I bet he chews gum.
  5. Yay! Latin. Poor Hovis. He thinks he's better bred.
  6. This might be taking it a step too far but I have to wonder. I am curious to know what his motivation is. The man has posted, blogged, lost his temper to laughable proportions, disagrees with everyone, goads and abuses everybody and, apart from himself (Fulham Broadway), is universally pilloried and 'disliked' by everyone; a fair achievement considering 'not many' people have actually met him! At least with Stuart Barnes, we know what the pompous little git looks and sounds like.

    There are no posts that say 'Good on you, Clovis, you know your stuff and I fully concur with your thoughts, abuse, criticisms' are there. Are there?

    Why can't he surround himself with people he likes or like him (small crowd, I'll grant you)? I even offered him out for few beers to clear the air and try to have a laugh about it all . No repsonse from out very own, Mr. Mad, however.

    I repeat what I said earlier on Clovis. You hate yourself. Why can't you just do that on your own?

  7. ..or you could re-invent/rename yourself. Drop the Clovis and Fulham Broadway, take a fresh view and take on life, and try a new handle....

    How about 'Sh1thead'?
  8. nefteyugansk

    nefteyugansk New commenter

    What is it like to teach in Jeddah? I will be in a Compound Village. Forget about the School. What is life like in general. I know it will be Restrictive, but is there anything else I should know?
  9. nefteyugansk

    nefteyugansk New commenter

    Exactly. What is it like to teach in Jeddah. What is the place like? I know it is restrictive etc etc. I am not out to change the world or make political or social comment. I just want to hear someones personal opinion.
  10. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    There is another thread here which is on Riyadh. Read that as it has a good description of what you are looking for.

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