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R.E and Citizenship as one.... Comments / Suggestions Please

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by jayjay14, May 8, 2007.

  1. hum. I have to agree - having trained as a Citizenship teacher I am, perhaps a little touchy when people tell me my subject is Drugs, SRE and Careers - nope!

    Really believe we must be careful to distinguish the differences between CS, RS and PSHE - even if they are taught together!

    Also - is careers actually PSHE or is it a seperate area all together?? We have this debate in our dept frequently!

    Ps - will mail everyone info this week :)
  2. Mrs Norris , please could you mail me the details too- it may help me in my impossible situation!!


  3. miztrouble and bobdog,

    I am so pleased that Citizenship is now a subject for PGCE. However please read the full text before jumping to the conclusion that I do not know how and what subject matters are taught. However how many Universities are looking at PGCE's or GTP's in Cit. Not many. However this will change in the future.

    What I was trying to say is that PHSE is taught with Citizenship in loads of schools across the country and taught by the majority of form tutors who do not wish to teach the subject. So in order to make life easier for the teachers and hopefully get a better response from pupils I thought I would like to introduce a collasped timetable where the topics I spoke of are taught to a whole year group. Teams of teachers would specialize meaning they would only have to learn and teach their specialist topic. The Citizenship curriculum would then also be taught as part of the normal timetable as would RE.

    My point is, even with specialist teachers, (I hope you know your R.E... just incase your school goes down the path of putting the two together)... What is the best way to promote Citizenship, R.E and PHSE across a school and it is that I what I am trying to find. As many of you have already said here and elsewhere, linking the subjects is not ideal and comes usually from SMT, but how does one convince them of change? I want to go to mine with an action plan for next year and that is why I am asking now for ideas.

    Bobdog - I take it your interest lies in the ITT of Citizenship teachers? May I ask where abouts you are in the country. Perhaps one of those schools who has taken on a Qulified Citizenship Teacher could offer some help or advice as to their method of presentation in the timetable.

    Chin Up 2 weeks and counting!

    Many thanks Mrs Norris I'll be in touch.
  4. Miztrouble...

    Careers ... if you do have a great way to teach this to KS3 I would be very grateful. My school wants this taught to all year groups and it is very sucesssful at KS4. However although we have worksheets and lesson plans from a well known source for KS3 it doesn't work at all. Role play and stuff yep great fun, but it doesn't work.

    Once again if you have any knowledge to offer, it would be gratefully excepted.

  5. I'd love to receive the emails flying about around this topic too and happy to share my school's RS and Citizenship resources (we teach them separately but I teach both). waterplate@gmail.com

    I trained in citizenship last year and my boss is a geography teacher AND citizenship AST so we are doing well; OFSTED were in two weeks ago and gave us outstanding for personal development/spirituality/making a positive contribution/preparing pupils for economic wellbeing etc (the school got "good" overall). I can't claim any credit for this as I wasn't seen teaching but it proves that OFSTED do like to see RS and citizenship taught separately at least in some cases. We have PSHE taught by form tutors in an extended form period once per week and we have off timetable "citizenship/PSHE day" once per year for years 8-10. The pupils LOVE the off-timetable days and it means we cna get outside experts in to do things form tutors may not feel comfortable with eg sex/relationships education and drug education.

    I used to think merging RS/Citz and PSHE into one faculty with specialist staff would be great but have changed my mind now as we are teaching short-course RS and Citz GCSE (to Y9 and 10 for citz, 10 and 11 for RS) and it has raised the status of both subjects a lot. PSHE is still not perfect but the off timetable days are a huge hit - if you can get those into your school you will hopefully benefit too. Our LEA has now noticed that as a result of involving pupils on these days in some of their work to improve young people's participation in local decision making (eg on knife crime projects, development of the town centre etc) our school wins quite a few awards, and are looking at rolling out this model across the LEA. So try and link in with your local council, police and charities as they often provide free speakers etc. Good luck!
  6. H Norris

    H Norris New commenter

    weaklemontea and jayjay14.


  7. Thanks Helen. Very useful and informative x

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