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QWC questions

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by marymaths, May 12, 2011.

  1. Thank you for your suggestions, I shall keep that aqa document as the questions are the other units (unit 1 Edexcel is mainly stats and probability). Funnily enough the day after I posted this, one of my colleagues handed me a bunch of AQA exam papers she'd aquired for exactly the same purpose!
  2. alabaster

    alabaster New commenter

    strange because I don't think that these questions - or their mark schemes - actually correspond to QWC type questions that we have seen on the new OCR exams - where the QWC refers to the students' ability to write and spell correctly.
  3. strawbs

    strawbs Occasional commenter

    OCR document about 2010 spec says:
    Quality of Written Communication (QWC)

    • Requirement for all maths GCSEs from September 2010 – 5%

    • Questions that assess QWC will be flagged with an asterisk (*)

    In questions assessing QWC learners will be expected to:
    • Present their answer in an appropriate form – which may involve the
    correct use of formulae, equations, expressions, or even labelled
    • Organise their answer clearly and coherently
    • Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar
    where writing is required


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