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"Why" now "How"...

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by segbog, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. "Why" now "How"...

    Anyone noticed?

    Driving me bonkers...,.
  2. Because it is no longer a reply, merely a demand...really not liking the next generation tbh - very selfish.
  3. That's been going on for years. I take it literally and embark on an explanation of how every time.
  4. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Certainly for as long as I've been in teaching. It's a Scottish colloquialism. CfE will sort it!
  5. Aye - have heard it in a few schools now. It's become really annoying suddenly. When I ask a kid to step outside they say "how?" So I say, stand up, pull out your seat, step to your side and walk to the door, then turn the handle and wait in the corridor. If you are asking why, it is because you have been talking for the past 10 minutes...
  6. I thought it was just a Scottish thing and that it was my Englishness that got annoyed with it. My husband says it and I still get confused.
  7. It's always been a thing in my area. Just a local colloquialism, for as long back as I can remember. Drives me up the wall!!
  8. How?
  9. Absolutely true! I was a Standard grade marker and the amount of marks kids threw away by not answering these questions properly was incredible.

  10. There are other annoying variants. 'How' is a fairly blunt, working class challenge. There is also the middle class 'Why?' with arms slightly outstretched, palms upwards, the head shaking from side to side and the eyes rolling.
    Not forgetting the boys who mimic football players with their arm movements after the ref/teacher has called foul.
  11. Fit wye?

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