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"Qualified" to drive a minibus?

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by primarysteve, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td class="post">Our school has just purchased a minibus and we have a teacher that drives coaches as a second job outside of school. He has been taking staff out to train them to drive it, working through his checklist and doing vehicle checks etc. As good a driver as he may be, is this sufficient or should we be doing something through an "approved" scheme like MiDAS?
  2. When I was a 22 year old PE teacher, thirty years ago, all I did was practice on the school field, reverse through the gates to the field and a little drive round the local roads. This was with a member of staff who seemed to teach us all to drive the mini bus. It was all that was needed all those years ago.
  3. Fair comment and it was probably seen as enough then and in all reality might be now. but as we all know times they have changed!
  4. funkygirl

    funkygirl New commenter

    It depends when staff have passed their driving test and if your minibus is over 3.5 tonnes fully laden. This is currently a problem in our department. If staff passed their test after 1997 then they do not have entitlement to drive a minibus as D1 will not be on your licence and LEA's tend not to cover the "special condition of driving for not for profit and over 21". Staff who passed before 1997 only need to sit the equivalent LEA test for insurance purposes (which in your case sounds like MYDAS which is a normally a day course).
    Staff without the D1 on their licence are required to apply to the DVLA to get a provisional entitlement on their licence and go through a medical to get a certificate to say they are fit to drive (which costs!). Once this provisional is on the licence you then need to sit a theory test (in two parts) and complete a practical test through the DVLA.
    For insurance purposes/H&S please please check that staff have the correct category on their licence and not rely on a qualified coach driver to teach others (as if no provisional is present on licence then what he's doing is illegal).
    If anything happens then legally you will not have a leg to stand on!!! As a Director of Sport and previuos HOD who has had to deal with this situation over the last 3 years!
    If however your minibus is under 3.5 tonne when fully laden, then all above is cancelled out and they just need the MYDAS test.

    PM if you need any further help
  5. funkygirl

    funkygirl New commenter

    Forgot to add that the drivers without D1 and when the bus is under 3.5 tonnes you can drive no more than 9 passengers!
  6. We have been running a campaign to simplify the problem of young teachers not being able to drive minibuses to and from school sport fixtures which has led to the cancellation of many fixtures over the last four years. We are compiling a feature on how it is affecting school sport departments in our Jan/Feb edition if you would like to contribute just email info@schoolsportmag.co.uk

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