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"I will speak to you after the holidays!"

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Spreadyourwings, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Is it reasonable for a head to email a member staff on the night you break up saying he is displeased with you and wishes to speak to you on the first day back?
  2. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    That's a pretty bum deal. Is there anyone in school on Monday? Will the HT be there? Perhaps you could 'pop in' to discuss the matter, or phone up?
    It all sounds pretty minor to me and not really worth bothering about, but I know how horrible it is to have something hanging over you like this. (On the last day of summer term, a couple of years ago, my HT told me a parent had complained about me, but refused to discuss it till September.... nice one)
    Hopefully it will all be forgotten about once the holidays start. Everyone gets wound up at the end of term, people really start to grate on each other, and minor matters get blown up out of all proportion. Try to relax and enjoy the holidays. Just keep thinking about the fact that you are being PAID to sit in your garden/ shop/ go travelling/go to the beach, whatever.
  3. Thank you Lardy legs, it was pretty minor which is why I hoped he would accept my email graciously,
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I would post this on workplace dilemmas too. There are some people in that forum that know much about your rights and whether or not to call in the union.
    I don't think you need to consider this option yet!
    I'm so sorry that you have had the start to your holidays spoilt like this.
    I don't think anyone on this forum would abuse you for posting this problem.
    You might consider phoning the Teacher Support Network on 08000 562 561 or go to their website:
    Take care [​IMG]

  5. 1) Don't let this ruin your summer holidays.
    2) I have been
    in your position so many times over the last few years. I now rise above
    it knowing that what I do is right for the children in my care and not
    necessarily right for the adults.
    3) Don't contact the union, it
    will make things worse. Forget about it, you can be sure that the Head and
    the DHT won't be thinking about it at this point of the holidays.
    4) Take care of yourself
  6. Do you know what I think you should forget about it and enjoy your holiday. What is the worst thing that could happen...he will tell you off!!! You can stand up to him and tell him what you have told us. You did nothing wrong, the DH agreed infront of witnesses. He can't sack you! You were not told his decision. Not worth worrying about. These things happen all the time. Communication in schools is horrendous! Always has been and always will be. You may be reading more into the emails that is actually there because you are feeling upset about all this. Take a big deep breath and enjoy your time off.
  7. And thank you Marlin, But I usually do get abused when I post something on here! I can remember I time when I never thought about nwork until the last week of the holiday - none of us should be on here the first weekend! (although I am busy getting my work done now when I'm not under pressure rather than at the end of the hols.) Hopefully he will see it as a trivial matter come September!
  8. Thanks LGR and Green tea too, a sense of proportion was really what I needed.
  9. No, I think he/she sounds a complete ****. If it were a serious issue, I would expect it to need discussing there and then, so it can't be. To worry you like this says more about him than you, a totally inappropriate way to treat people. Chin up, take comfort from the fact that lots of fellow teachers would consider this behaviour deplorable.
  10. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    compeltely unacceptable, workplace bullying to me.
    I spent the Easter break with something similar and descended into a compelte black pit, try not to let the same thing happen. What is your chair of governors like? might be worth a chat with them if they are any good and available.
  11. Do you know, when I read the thread title, I thought a teacher had said this to a child, which is pretty bad. When I read your post and saw that a member of staff had said it to you, I think it seems far worse. I'm really angry on your behalf! It sounds like this person is deliberately trying to ruin your holiday, which is really unkind. It makes me sad to think that so many horrible people are working with, and influencing our children. Best of luck to you and enjoy the holidays x
  12. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Hopefully you have put this out of your mind by now, especially as it is a fairly minor issue (or you said that it was). If you are fretting about it then email your HT and let them know that you are worrying. Given they have had a week to relax, they may well be mortified to have caused you all this grief. There is every possibility they just thought that they ought to say something, but didn't want to end the term on a bad note so decided to leave it til after the holidays. They possibly have no clue that it has worried or upset you. (HTs are more likely to be clueless about the effect their actions and words have, than to be deliberately nasty.)

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