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"Asked" to leave after 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by silentjim, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. After being employed by for 3 weeks I have been asked to leave after one dreadful observation and one satisfactory observation. After the first observation my worst ever in teaching due to severe nerves I was told they wanted me to leave but wanted another observation which was then judged as being satisfactory.
    They then stated that they wanted me to leave even though other more experienced staff were juged as satisfactory on the same day.
    I have been told that I will not be required in class and they have employed someone else. They have then outlined that they don't want me after easter and they don't need to pay me after then but I have a permanent contract with a one year probationary period.
    I may have issues in trying to gain other employment as in my previous post I had a more days of illness in one year as I have had in my lifetime. I may find it difficult to get a job combined with I will also be expensive.
    I have contacted my Union and they say they will find it difficult to sack me based on the fact I have had at least 2 satisfactory observations (one being on interview). I now want to leave but am worried about getting another job. Is there anyway I can be recompensed for the fact they want me to move on and hopefully get supply work.
    If so what should I expect.
  2. I think you need to rely on the advice and support of your union. Make sure the person supporting you is an experienced official, not just the school rep etc.If you have a good official they should be able to negotiate the best deal for you.
    How it turns out will depend on the school,the LA and the officials negotiating skills.
  3. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    I agree. Contact your Union at the local or regional level ASAP.
  4. If they only judged you satisfactory at your interview, then why did they employ you? Sounds very dodgy to me... (on their part) Did you know about the grade at the time or did this come out after you'd been asked to leave?
  5. I just assumed it was satisfactory. But have been told by various people in senior positions elsewhere that it's unlikely that I would be appointed anywhere without a good lesson.
  6. Yeah, thats what I'd have thought. There's no shortage of applicants for most jobs - I'd be very surprised if they'd appoint you with less than a good.
  7. I presume this is an independant school/academy, as I am not aware of any probationary period stipulated in the Pay and Conditions document or even allowed!!!!!!
    In any case, outside of the teachers P&C, there should be a probationary review proceedure, which if followed will give the employee the right to improve/develop practice, with support from the employer within a given and agreed time frame.
    However, employment law protection is sparce if you have just joined an employer and, therefore, have no accrued service time. You can, I'm affraid be dismissed pretty much at will, usual equality regulations withstanding!
  8. I fear that maybe the case. Even though I have the immediate support of my line manager, who is looking on with disbelief at the current situation. The whole department have been very supportive and area manager is also very supportive. Both have stated that the current situation is rediculous and told me that they have no grounds to do this.

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