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Quiz help!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by WitchKing, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I'm after any help that you're willing to give here.... There's 2 questions left on a fiendishly difficult quiz that I've been given that would have me tearing my hair out if I had any left!
    a, f, p, n... what's next in the sequence?
    if red is flesh and yellow is fowl, if brown is surf and green is turf... What is blue?
    Cheers WK
  2. I thought the colours question might have related to chopping board colours but you have fish as brown whereas it should be blue so i may be barking up the wrong tree.
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

  4. Thanks guys. Still going to keep going though! Stupid quiz...
  5. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    Letters wouldn't be anything to do with opticians charts/

  6. I was thinking that but the Snellen chart has A F P D down the right side.
    Blue = dairy?
  7. First thoughts on colours went to wiring. But can't make it fit. Blue, neutral?
    • Earth - Green and Yellow (Previously Green)
    • Neutral - Blue (Previously Black)
    • Live - Brown (Previously Red)
    Nah--can't be that, can it?
  8. ohhhh, interesting.
    I shall be faffing on with this all afternoon now...
  9. Being at a slight disadvantage, as we only have two wires in Germany, is what you have posted the status quo of today in the UK, CW?
    I am presuming it is, as you say previously...

  10. Faff away, I've been stuck on these 2 questions for 3 days now...
  11. ah, that makes my 3 hours seem like a triviality!
    Is the letter sequence a Fibonacci doodah?

  12. As far as I know CQ. But we're not officially allowed to do DIY electrical stuff these days, I think ??
    Two wires reminds me of the US. Mmmm. Is the quiz a UK quiz ?
  13. But you can change a plug, surely? Or hang up a light?
    oh, yes. Is it?
  14. Well I always do! And more besides! But I think there's been some newish law saying work has to be checked by a qualified electrician. I just carry on anyway!
    Anyway, off to get tree from garden and decorate. Witchking I will ponder colours whilst I do. Fingers crossed the fairy lights will work CQ! Mmmm coloured lights.........no. You don't get brown lights (?).......sorry, thinking aloud........intrigued!
  15. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Part P regulations came in about 3 or 4 years ago. Most electrical work has to be done by a qualified electrician, issuing a certificate (that needs to be produced when selling) for any re-wiring or extra work done since the new regs came in.
    Qualified electricians who are not Part P certified (involves a couple of days training, an annual review and a large fee) need to get a Part P person in to check and certify their work. It's mainly self-employed electricians, working alone, who cannot afford to pay the fee and lose 2 days of work.
    Householders can continue to do minor jobs like re-wiring plugs but more and more appliances now come with a moulded plug attached and that expertise will soon die out or be obsolete in the general population.
    Sorry, can't be of any help with the quiz .... yet.
  16. The UK is bonkers!
  17. So in Germany it is quite permissible for any half wit to rewire a house and potentially create a death trap for all the inhabitants ?
  18. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Can't see any obvious pattern with a f p n on a mobile keypad, or by assigning them numbers from their place in the alphabet.

    The five colours turn up together in a lyric about Joseph's coat of many colours, but with no reference to flesh and fowl etc

    The 'brown = surf' stands out as odd for me - why would brown symbolise something aquatic, (unless they were surfing near a sewage outflow pipe)?

    Of course, green and brown aren't primary colours, whereas the others are, but I can't see a link there either.

    In short, I haven't a bloody clue.
  19. I still reckon the question setter has messed up...


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