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quitting the pgce - what will i have to pay back?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ABU22, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I am thinking about quitting the pgce course, as I am bullying by my mentor and cannot cope with the stress. I got a tuition fee loan from Student Finance and also two grants: 1) maintenance grant (next payment is due on April) and child support grant (about 1K was payed at the beggining of the course). As I understood from other topics on this forum, I will have to start paying back the tuition fee loan if I get a job with at least 15K salary, but what about the grants? Will I have to pay back all of them or some part?
    The other question is: do I have the right to ask my provider to find a different school for me where I can continue the course?
  2. sorry, I mean I am bulliED
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    I am sorry to hear you are considering quitting the course because of
    someone else, is there no way you could change mentors? It's such a difficult
    course to get on to, you are a lucky one. I would try everything you could to
    make things better so you could complete as there isn't long left.

    Obviously only you can decide if you want to leave and if you do you
    will need to pay back the maintenance loan once you are earning over a certain
    amount along with the tuition fee loan but grants are free. You will not have
    to pay back a grant as these are worked out based on your circumstances and are
    an added extra for people who need it.

    Good luck, I hope things work out for you. x

  4. Thank you for your reply! XX
    I will talk to my provider, maybewill ask to change school for me, but if it doesn't work out, I would prefer to quit. I talked to Student Finance, they said they would calculate my grant, and I will have to pay them back anything which is rest if there is some, but they also advised me to check with the uni, as the uni may want me to pay the tuition fees for the next half a year even if I withdraw, and SF wouldn't be able to do so if I stop attending the course. I wonder, how the uni may want me to pay them if I don't have money? [​IMG]
  5. I think trying to change would be a better idea, you've come so far now don't let one horrible experience put you off a career for life. Unfortunately there are people in all jobs who are just plain horrid and for no reason.Talk to someone at the University as this sort of behaviour should not be accepted and it is within their interest to know what is going on and to sort it. Someone on my course had a similar experience on placement and once the Uni found out what was happening they were moved straight away and the school was taken off the list of partnership schools. Is there a student rep you can talk to?
    It does depend on the Uni as to what you get back but I know that my Uni make you pay the full amount of tuition fees if you drop out after December. I'm not sure how the Uni will expect you to pay this but there will be a SF advice department at Uni who will be able to help you out.
    I really hope you can work things out for the best. x
  6. Thank you, honey, i wish my mentor was as nice and helpful as you are! X
  7. Aww thank you. Good Luck with what ever you decide. x
  8. Hi
    You must talk to your tutor. If you are being bullied then that is not acceptable. Make sure that you record any instances of bullying and if there is any other evidence, make suer that you disclose this to your tutor. The tutor must deal with this in the first instance. If there is a complete breakdown between you and the mentor perhaps anotgher mentor can be found, if the situation is too difficult in the school then it may be possiblke to find another school. But do not just quit without telling your tutor what has happened.
  9. Thank you, James. I told my tutor, she offered to ogranize a meeting and discuss issues.She also gave me a week off to decide if I want to continue or withdraw.

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