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Quitting long-term supply post (NQT)...for a temp admin job

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Sagittarius, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT I have been on part-time (0.6) long-term supply at a school since January, and it is intended that the position will last until the end of the July. If I complete the post, I will have the equivalent of 1 term of the NQT year under my belt.
    I usually work on Mondays but today I am off sick with a viral infection that has plagued me for a week. This morning, I received a call from an agency that got me a temp job in Nov-Dec last year, offering me 12 weeks of admin-type work at the same company I worked for before Christmas. I really enjoyed working there because of the people (it was a laugh), the 9-5 (taking no work home) and the location (easy walk, no need to get up too early!), etc. I was really content. I am really tempted to take up this offer because I do not feel myself at school and have major doubts about whether I want to do teaching. I want to feel happier again, frankly.
    As a graduate of a top uni, with a PGCE/QTS etc. and not having completed my NQT year, I am aware that this may seem like a most stupid thing to do. However, on a day-to-day basis at school, I feel unconfident and anxious in lessons and I lack the enthusiasm needed to do the job properly. Frequently, I stand in front of a group of rude children and wonder why I am there. I feel like the kids think I am rubbish and can see right through me. I have not made any real friends amongst the staff and barely speak to them because I just don't feel that I fit in somehow, even though they are all nice. I would also feel AWFUL leaving because of the fact that the head of dept has been absolutely fantastic with me and the school basically treats me as 'one of them' rather than a supply teacher. The supply agency has also been brilliant and didn't give up on me when I quit a rough school last year.
    To complicate things slightly more, the agency consultant told me the names of the others who will be working on this role, and the 4 people recruited are all my best friends of the temps I worked with before, one of whom I basically started 'seeing'. He has been away travelling since but will be back to start the job next week. We have had a small amount of contact during this time but I am worried that it may be awkward, and also worried that he may think I only accepted the job because of him (even though I did not know names before I said yes), or that he will think it is really odd/weird/stupid that I have quit a 'proper' job for a temp one with pretty much no prospects!
    I have read my agency contract and it states that I should give a week's notice. I am so nervous about quitting because the agency is fantastic and I know they would be reluctant to offer me work again in the future, should I need/want it. I also feel awkward about giving up my NQT year but I can't see myself completing it for ages anyway, as I don't feel I could ever have a full-time post.
    Heart or head? I have felt for a long time that I could never do the job full-time due to the ridiculous workload. I have such a huge respect for teachers but I don't feel it is for me. Just seeking advice...

    PS Sorry that this isn't structured very well and it is a bit blabbery. Just offloading my thoughts quickly.
  2. Basically your decision is quit teaching or not. . . . . for an admin job.

    I don't get it?
  3. Is it your gut feeling that teaching is not for you, or is it a problem with the school you are in and the fact that you haven't made friends? If you had gelled with people the way you had at your admin job, would you still feel the same? It sounds like your confidence in your teaching ability has been knocked as you mention that you quit a previous school. Unfortunately, if the children sense you lack confidence, they will play up more and it will become a vicious circle. If you were able to get some positive experiences of teaching under you belt, maybe you'll feel differently. Are you just feeling low because you've got a virus? On the other hand, if you really feel teaching is not for you, then you should consider other careers. You are presumably still young and have a degree so there are many other things you could do. If you took the admin job, would there be any opportunities to progress within the company, or is it just low paid, dead-end that would bore you after a year or two? Also, if it is just 12 weeks and then finish, what would you do then? I think the fact that you've been seeing someone you were working with there should have nothing to do with your decision, you can still keep seeing each other, if you want to, wherever you work.
  4. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    Oh, if only life was that simple[​IMG] Sylvia has given some good advice. What I do find is often our inital decision is the one we ultimately go with. However, I have had moments when i thought of giving up teaching but decided against it and now just do day to day - my very best career choice ever . Good luck and sincerely hope you will make a decision which is right for you at this point in your life xx

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