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Quit PGCE but really want to teach

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by slb1986, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. slb1986

    slb1986 New commenter

    I was wondering if anyone could help. I started a PGCE Secondary in Sept' 09 but by the end of my first placement I realised I had to leave. I had recently moved to a new city to be closer to my partner which was difficult in itself but then 2 members of my family were taken seriously ill. I had thought I would move back home to help them which was my main reason for quitting but my partner's mother was diagnosed with cancer and I ended up staying. Unfortunately my university tutor wasn't extremely supportive and this made me think I didn't want to intercalate and go back to the same university and tutor. Anyway after possibly the worst year of my life I am now back on track and would really like to try again.
    I think I was a good teacher, my in school mentor seemed to think so and was disappointed when I left the course (I could probably have done better with the paperwork though).
    The thing is I now think I would like to teach in primary school as the thing that most attracted me to teaching was the pastoral element which I think is so much more focussed on in primary. I also think that teaching in Key Stage 2 would give me the variety of lessons and the closer relationships with pupils. If not I would be happy enough to go back to Sscondary teaching.
    Does anyone know if any PGCE/GTP course would accept me and if so what would the funding situation be since I have already done half a PGCE technically? I really don't mind which route I take I just really miss it. If not can anyone suggest a way of being able to work in a similar position/environment I really can't take any more of sitting behind a desk doing a boring admin job knowing what I want to be doing instead.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. slb1986

    slb1986 New commenter

    Sorry, should also probably have said my degree is French and History.
  3. Hi there,
    Not too sure I can offer much help but I thought I would share my thoughts. Firstly, it must have been a tough year for you and for you to come out the other end still with a drive for teaching, that is to be admired. Secondly, I would look at doing your PGCE elsewhere if possible, as an unsupportive university is not what you need. I went through a similair thing while doing my (non-teaching) masters, and although my dissertation tutor was sympathetic, the course tutor was not. I had to hand in work on my way to a funeral!
    As to whether to do primary or secondary, maybe you should look at spending some time in a primary setting to see if it really is right for you? I suspect that it may be possible to intercalculate if your did secondary PGCE at a different uni, but not so much if you want to move to primary. Also, when did you drop out of your PGCE? Have you completed any block placements, so there is a neat cut-off? No idea about the funding situation, sorry.
    Best of luck with you drive to teach!
  4. Can't offer much advice but for what it's worth I completed my primary PGCE in 2007 and on my course was a lovely lady who had tried the secondary PGCE, found it unsuitable (reason and length on course unknown) and quit part way through. She re-applied this time for the primary PGCE course, passed and has happily worked in primary ever since.
    When I applied we needed at least a two week block stint of primary classroom experience to be considered on the course - and I believe that may still be the case.
    Good luck!
  5. Hi, I'm sorry to hear that circumstances concerning your family meant that you were unable to complete your PGCE. I hope that the situations with your family members and your partner's mother have improved.
    The short answer to your question is that it would be down to the PGCE or GTP providers as to whether or not they would accept your application. Previously leaving a PGCE course would not in itself prevent you from undertaking one again; however course providers will usually ask for details about why you left your course. In your case I would say that your circumstances would more than likely be appreciated, however you should contact course providers first to discuss your situation.
    As far as funding is concerned, there is no funding restriction so you are eligible for funding as before. However there is not currently a bursary available for training to teach at primary level. You could consider applying for a GTP course in your area, as trainees are eligible to receive an unqualified teacher salary while they train
    I wish you all the best in your endeavours to find a course, and hope that you can share your enthusiasm for teaching with children in the future.
    Stephen Hillier, TDA

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