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Quickest route to headship

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Jamieboot, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Power, my ****. We have less than we've ever had!
  2. Your rush is because...? Do you want to be the headteacher or to be a leader of learning - key difference. NO rush , get the experience and skills you will need first.

  3. Do you like children? You didn't mention them.
  4. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

  5. oeufsmiroir

    oeufsmiroir New commenter

    My advice in taking the quickest route to being a head is to become a religious figure first, such as a reverand, and then trade off it like the plague, because it gives a ready grown veneer of respectability.
  6. The quickest routs
    Do not retrain, join an academy chain as a business manager and bingo, you'll be a head in a few weeks!!!!!!
  7. As a Head I am fed up of going easy on people in education or in your case someone who isnt even IN education...why think of headship before you even know the job- ridiculous. Just because I can manage money well I wouldnt think about being top of the banking structure ...how niave...
    Get into teaching by all means but understand the focus and aims- raise standards- dont make it sound so airy fairy - it isnt. Work hard, prove yourself, lead realistic aims and goals which are actually centred in reality not the WHAT IYOUTHINK/WANT....its not about YOU.
    Want Japenese ways - advice - go and teach in Japan! Simples.com. Dont make people who give every hour god sends to education here think its all so easy.
    Go get some experience - it aint as easy as you may of been led to believe
  8. The OP was asking for advice about what reasonable timescales might be expected for someone entering teaching to become a headteacher. That is a perfectly reasonable question. If you were considering a career in law it would not be considered at all "naive" to investigate how long it might typically take you to become a partner. If you would considering a career in medicine it would not be considered "naive" to investigate how long it might typically take for you to be a consultant. Your opinion to the contrary, it would not be considered at all "naive" for someone entering Investment Banking to investigate how long it might typically take them to become a VP or Director.

    Perhaps there are some people who are interesting in becoming a teacher who naively already feel they could do the job of a headteacher, but that is an entirely separate issue from someone who wants to know, "Assuming I progress at a good rate, what is a reasonable timescale within which I might become a headteacher?"

  9. Au contraire. Very much in character for 'educationalists' or those who attend their 'professional development and leadership workshops' with due diligence. Look at that bloke who was arrested in France. Employed by an outfit who advertise (check their website) that they possess an 'executive headteacher'. Now, that chap will be on about £65,000-- given the number of pupils they have-- and quite clearly he couldn't manage his way out of a fish supper. Nevertheless, he' s getting a good salary, isn't he? And a decent expenses account? So, in real terms, who's the bl**dy fool?
  10. 65k!!!!!!!! More like 100k!

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