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quick query

Discussion in 'Primary' started by shell43, May 24, 2011.

  1. shell43

    shell43 New commenter

    Posted on pay and conditions but post here too.
    Firstly. Do schools have to advertise posts?
    Secondly How many temporary contracts can schools give you till you have to be made permanent?
  2. They are supposed for 2 weeks although if they have interviewed someone in the last term they can employ them without the need for readvertisement.
    I think there are some other exceptions also.
    I am guessing you were on a temp contract and then they have offered you another without making it permanent.
    My school gave me my job - I was there on maternity and they made it permanent so there are ways arround it.
  3. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    The only posts that have to be advertised are headships and deputy headships. The governors are free to appoint internally for other posts if they consider that there is a suitable candidate and they wish to do so.
    As far as I know temporary contracts can only exist as long as the reason and/or funding for them still exists. There's no particular numerical limit, but I think anyone in a temporary contract gains extra rights if the contract is extended or renewed - unsure of the details about this.

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