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Quick poll - APS, please help!

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by T34, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    It sounds as though your tracking system is using "pessimistic"
    mapping from points to sub-levels. i.e. including the sub-level transition points values in the lower
    sub-level rather than in the higher sub level.
    e. g. Pessimistic mapping - (Sub) level 2c is between 12 and 14 points (including the 14 but <u>not including the 12</u> - 12 points is mapped to a 1a).
    And it sounds as thought the DfE is using "optimistic" mapping
    (Sub) level 2c is between 12 and 14 points (including the 12 but <u>not including the 14</u> - 14 points is a 2b).
    (Sub) level 2b is between 14 and 16 points (including the 14 but <u>not including the 16</u> - 16 points is a 2a).
    (Sub) level 2a is between 16 and 18 points (including the 16 but <u>not including the 18</u> - 18 points is a 3c).
    No, it wouldn't, actually.Those are indeed the points values which map to a level 2, but the centre of a level 2 is actually 15.
    You are forgetting that you don't actually get to level 3 until you have reached 18 points.
    It might have been better for DfE to have said that Level 2 is 12 - 18 points including the 12 but not including 18 (assuming optimistic mapping).
    Drawing it on a "points" line and shading in each level makes it clear.



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