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Quick Late Question before an interview lesson tomro- use of classroom assistant

Discussion in 'Primary' started by natalia2008, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Sorry to post this so late in the day! I have an interview tomorrow but have had little time to prepare due to a different interview yesterday and major accompanying stress!
    I am doing a classroom carpet session and I will be doing a story followed by hotseating.
    I have been informed that I will have a classroom assistant, however, everything I have planned doesn't need a assistant i.e story then hotseating.
    Does this look bad that I haven't used her in my lesson?
    Any help very much appreciated!
  2. Use him / her if you can - I would get the TA to fill in an assessment sheet for you - give them the success criteria and get them to record some feedback - good luck!


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