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Quick Kindle Question

Discussion in 'Personal' started by bnm, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. bnm


    I'm on Amazon buying a kindle for mr bnm. Do I need to buy an Amazon UK power adaptor????
    Or anything else?
    Please help.

  2. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    If you are buying from Amazon.co.uk then you will need nothing else
  3. bnm


    Thanks, doomz.
  4. Excellent gift choice!
    If you buy from Amazon then it comes with a plug/charger thingummybob.
    Might I suggest that you also order a few free books - which will then be on the Kindle when it arrives. Just so that there's something available to read immediately!
  5. bnm


    Order placed. (Phew!)
    How do I order books, Beth? (Too late to be on but presumably I can put on? Somehow?)
  6. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    I'm a new Kindle owner- It is quite possibly my favourite ever present and the OP mader me feel like having a rave about how wonderful it is! Enjoy reading!
    Also how long does battery last? I'm om my 4th book and there is still more thsn half left according to thr display, which is brilliant!
    Did I mention how much I love the kindle? [​IMG]
  7. If you've already ordered the Kindle, it will be registered (probably in your name, with Amazon.... your Amazon username plus 'kindle' is the default account....mine is bethannieskindle). Go on to the Amazon site, and search for a Kindle book you want. (Lots of the classics are free - and Theo has a thread telling you about others on the 'book' forum) - just like buying a 'real' book from Amazon, you click the 'buy now button' and a few seconds later, the book is on your Kindle! Trust me, it is that easy!
    You can click on 'manage my kindle' to keep track of what's on the Kindle (useful if the device hasn't arrived yet!)....When I got my Kindle, it arrived with over 20 books already on it!
  8. bnm


    Oh my goodness!
    How does it know?! How does the free book I've just bought physically get itself into my kindle?
    This is exciting!!
  9. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    So as "real" books are often cheaper than or the same as the Kindle copy, how many "books" for the stupid plast screeny thing do you have to buy to save anything?
    Gimme pulp fiction any day.
  10. bnm


    Dunno, Jacob, but I've just "bought" 4 free books that were on mr bnm's wish list.
    It's got to be cheaper than the extension we were considering to house our ever-growing book collection.
  11. I'm not sure...but I think it might be magic!....or fairies!...or something!

    (You need to log into Amazon under your own name, and then search for a title in 'Kindle'...not in 'books'!....then it will say 'download to bnmkindle' by the one-click buy button)
  12. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Bookcases on every wall up to the ceiling. Bliss. AND it reduces your floor space so there is less to clean. AND all them books and cases will retain heat so you will use less power on heating in the winter. See i have a solution to any reader's problems.
  13. Quite often the Kindle version is cheaper.
    My Kindle is packed with free and 'under £1' books. - as well as a ferw selected full-price titles.
    I get two newspapers for free each morning I want them (one German and one English) and that saves me a fair few pounds....I could have half a dozen free papers if I wanted, plus a few magazines.(Admitedly, the free magazine selection isn't too my taste)
    I get out-of-print books on my Kindle, titles that I can't get in 'real' books.
    I get free samples of recent titles.
    And I have access to free books from author's own sites.
    My Kindle was a present, but had I bought it myself it would've paid for itself inside the first month!

  14. bnm


    I already have that, Jacob, in the "spare bedroom" [no bed in there, but 5 bookcases].
    I do need space to walk around the house.
    Beth.....I'm a quick learner. I have 4 books on their way to something called something-or-other(can't find it now...whisper-something?)
  15. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    So what happens when it breaks?
  16. If it breaks - which is possible but unlikely - then, I can claim from Amazon - if it was a design fault/their fault...or under insurance (if appropriate)...or I could but a new Kindle....either way all the books I have previously bought are stored free by Amazon (even those I have deleted from my Kindle device) and I could reinstall them for free!
    On the other hand, if a fire burns down my bookshelves and 'real' books - again, possible but unlikely - then I may be able to claiom on insurance, but I'd have lost the lovely books - inclusing some old out-of-print titles that I wouldn't be able to replace.
    My Kindle books are much safer than my 'real' ones, and would be 'replaced' free of charge!

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