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Quick and easy ways to record House Points?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    HI, I am a NQT and we have a whole school policy of giving out House Points for good work, good behaviour, being kind etc (basically reward anything deserving of praise). My question is, how does anyone else record their House Points? eg I often give a Maths group a HP as a reward for working independently and don't want them getting up in the middle of a lesson to go and record this themselves. In the same way, I don't want to stop in the middle of a lesson to record these HPs. I have inherited a system whereby they are stored up until the end of the day - then either I or my TA give them out (a star which they go and stick on their House Record Sheet and also recorded in a House Point Book - as they get a certificate when they reach 25). I find this time consuming (5-10mins), certain children claim a HP which no-one can remember giving them (!), the rest of the class use it as time to have a nice, loud chin wag and basically I feel it is a waste of time and not a great part of the day.

    So, any ideas, warmly received... Thanks.
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    As supply I've come across a variety of recording methods.
    Best method I've come across is a star/merit/HP card given out as soon as it is earned. Once a week, cards are counted and handed in to be reused the next week.Tallies are done individually & in houses. One school has a competition for the design of the cards, which makes them student-friendly and there's less chnce of carrying them over to the next term, plus they're usually fairly dog-eared by then.Each week there is an assembly where the current leaders are read out and at the end of term there's a cup awarded.
  3. Post it note with asmiley face and my intials to be passed to the child's CT if it is a child not in my class.
    In our class we have an A3 sheet split into 4 (for each house) with the children's names in the relevant quadrant (photocopy 6 for a term). We then put a stamp for each point earned. I'm the TA so if the CT gives a house point during input I'll put it staright on, if it happens during task we'll make a quick note on the evaluation sheet (or any handy scrap if I'm being honest) and stamp them on at the end of the session.
    Reading back it sounds quite complicated but honestly it takes no time at all - 1 stamp and a x5 works well if loads have been given in one session.
    The house captains then come around to each class during Golden Time on a Friday and count them up ready for an announcement at the end of week assembly.
    Hope that helps.
  4. I give them out, the kids put them on the chart at an appropriate time (ie when they're free).

  5. I had a large chart in the classroom with everyone's name on it; during the day I would give out actual card stars, the child would write their own name on, and be responsible for sticking their own star(s) on the chart during the day. For me this was the least time wasting way, and easily counted for house points, etc. If you used blu-tac, the stars could be taken off at end of week, ready for chart to be re-used, with different coloured stars, the following week.
  6. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I have laminated charts with names and days of week and a handy whiteboard pen. The children use tally marks to fill in house points as they get them. This helps the SEN children and also gives maths practice with tallies. Every now and then I give them a chance to look through books, cross out housepoints, add them up and a monitor adds their points to the chart.

  7. We have laminated teams with their names on, the children use a whiteboard marker to write on HP, usually at break/lunch times, most can be trusted, a few can't, so their buddy does it for them.
    Y6 team captaiins collate them on Fridays, the team with the most points, begin their Golden time 10 mins earlier. (except those who have'nt recieved a point all week)
    Its a good system which also reminds us to give the forgotten, always good kids, their much deserved points,
  8. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Thanks everyone for your ideas. I'm thinking I'll make it the TA's job to record the HPs before lunch/end of day (whilst I read a story), so as not to interrupt lessons - it just seems to take a lot of time! Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  9. we have 4 houses so i have a laminated sheet for each in the house colour and children use whiteboard pen to record in break or lunch
  10. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    We have a piece of paper with a 4 row table, one for each house. Children write up a tally mark when they get a housepoint. Some teachers do it themselves, but most let the children do it. Children also have a sheet in a folder to write the housepoint in to get their own certificate later.

    My year 2 class do all this themselves without much disruption to lessons, so I'm sure anyone else could.

    Mind you housepoints are quite special in our class/school so no more than about 10 a week are given.
  11. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    I have no problem with the children getting up and walking over to their chart to put up the HP. If they can't do it discretely then it doesn't count.
  12. Same here shadowman.
  13. I have an A4 sheet per house with 10x15 squares on. The children may put up house points in their own time or as soon as they've copied the date and WALT (so long as I'm not waiting to start the lesson). It works well and is very easy. There is a coloured pencil next to the chart and they put a X in the square. If there is loads of space left when the house points are collected, then we draw a line and start again underneath. If not, we stick up a new chart.
  14. Hi
    I have four plastic wallets stuck on my wall in the house colours red blue green and yellow.
    Children collect raffle tickets which equal house pionts
    I give smiley faces on good work and once a week they collect one raffle ticket per smiley face
    Raffle tickets are also given out for good behaviour, lining up nicely, being kind etc etc
    They write their name on the back when they get them and at an appropriate time put them in their house wallet.
    The raffle tickets are counted once a week and results sent to the Head towards the school totals.
    Once counted the wallets are emptied and raffle tickets go in a tin.
    Three are pulled out and those children win a small prize.
  15. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    This would be the ideal. However, there are two parts to our system. The first is recording in a book, which is necessary because it is an ongoing process - when an individual child reaches 25 they get a certificate, then 50 and so on. The second part is towards recording for their House purposes and is a laminated sheet which they go and put a gold star on for their House - which is then collected up at the end of every week and goes towards the Whole School House Points. Both of these are Whole School policies. So it's trying to work out how to record both the individual points and THEN the House Point Stars. I feel that if it were either/or your system of children doing it themselves is a no brainer - the more independent, the better. However...it's a time consuming process - it really is! Personally, I really don't like it, but obviously have to find a way of it working! Any other great ideas - mainly of when to do it? Perhaps just add to the end of the day muddle that is collecting coats, bookbags, letters etc whilst I read a story??!
  16. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That is more or less what our system is and my year 2 manage it by themselves. They put the tally on the chart for their house and then a tick or a sticker on their individual sheet in a folder for themselves. They write them in whenever they remember.
  17. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Thanks for your reply minnieminx. I do definitely believe in children being as independent and responsible as possible. How do you get around the issue of a handful of children 'fibbing' and saying they have been awarded HPs when they haven't? This is happening in my class, even when we are recording the HPs, so I have taken to asking them "Who gave it to you and what for?" to those who I am suspicious of. If I now give 'control' of recording over to them, I dread to think what might happen. Plus, I have a lot of young Year 1s who I think would find this difficult, but then again, I guess it is all in the training. Maybe I should trial giving them ownership and see how it goes?
  18. Each child has a chart with twenty symbols to colour, they colour one in each time the get a house point. At the end of the week the points are counted. These are displayed in the 4 houses and a different colour is used each week. When the chart is completed the child gets a bronze certificate and another chart will be started to reach silver.
    Classes can chose there own method to count individual merit points, some use stickers, some use tally marks and some use shapes to colour.
    The children put their merits on at the end of a lesson. The merit points are counted each week and each class has a child winning the merit badge for the most merits.
    Year 6 children come and count the merits in each class every week. They identify the child for the merit badge and the totals go towards the whole school house points.

  19. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    They don't do it! We had lots of talk at the start of the year about being trusted and all that sort of thing. I can honestly say my class wouldn't dream of doing any such thing. One child in the partner year 2 class did add a whole lot of housepoints, but everyone (children and adults) was so furious they never did it again.

    also we don't give lots and lots of housepoints. So when someone does get one it is a very big deal. No way could anyone sneak in extras without it being noticed.

    Your more able can help the less able. I have a few who definitely could not do this themselves. They could just about tell you their name, not a hope of which house. However the more capable children help them out.

    I would stick with what you have until half term. Then on the first day back do a huge talk about how trustworthy and grown up you think they are and how they can do their housepoints all by themselves. Say you are sure they will do it properly and not need to have grown ups do it for them like the baby classes and all that kind of thing.

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