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Questions for next placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bijalc, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. bijalc

    bijalc New commenter

    Hello! I have been making a list of questions to ask in my next. teaching placement.

    Please can you let me know if you can think of any other questions?

    Questions to ask going into a new classroom:
    1. Is there any lesson plans I can take a copy of?
    2. Can we walk through any lesson plans/ can I show you mine at a convenient time?
    3. How would you differentiate between different abilities?
    4. Are there any misconceptions to be aware of?
    5. Are there any particular Maths or English scheme you follow?
    6. What is your marking process? (eg different colour pens/stickers)
    7. Could you tell me the procedures if there is an emergency in the classroom? Points of contacts?
    8. Is there any AFL of pupils you can tell me?
    9. Shall I take the register/line up the pupils/get them ready for home time?
    10. Is there anything you need help with?
    11. How does your reward/consequence system work?
    12. What works really well in your classroom?
    13. Do the pupils have talk partners?
    14. Is there a lining up an order/monitor for classroom duties?
    15. Are there any seating plans, table groups or abilities? Could I have a copy.
    16. Could I have a class list?
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Good start, but it´s an enormous list. Try sorting them into categories, and seeing if you can combine/delete some. Other points:

    * Number 7 should be number 1 on your list.
    * Child Protection and safeguarding should be number 2
    * Procedures for contacts with parents should be somewhere
    * Number 10 - slightly unusual for a student to think that they can offer to help the school

    Actually, you probably just need one question: Where can I access the school´s "Policies and Procedures" document?


    Best wishes

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  3. stanley4shoes

    stanley4shoes Occasional commenter

    Similarly to above, I may have missed your intention but many of these things are more information that you need to find out rather than questions that you should ask. Many of them you can, and should, answer before starting from public documents on the school website, others from documents that will be on the intranet once you start.

    the class specific ones are part of your learning and observation process within that class and with the class teacher, and the teaching ones more to do with your uni training I’d think.

    I’m half way through my first placement and don’t htink I’ve asked any of those questions, other than what I can do to help in a practical sense (spare pair of hands in science lab comes in handy) but I’ve found the answers to them all in the process of the placement
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  4. 1FineDay

    1FineDay New commenter

    I think they're fair questions to raise in your first mentor meeting discussion, but narrow them down to perhaps 5 main questions. The policies should be visible on the school's website. So read that and then see how many questions you can delete.

    Remember - your main focus there will be to follow your mentor's lead and to learn how to teach their class (I assume you're a primary trainee). The day to day running of a classroom is difficult enough without offering yourself up for other tasks. Trust me, it's a valuable skill to say "no" when you work in education, so better to start off with the shoe on that foot otherwise you may well find yourself being instructed to do more than you should have to.

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