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Questions for Art teachers

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Charlyrose, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Charlyrose

    Charlyrose New commenter

    Hi, Are there any Art teachers using this forum who are embarking on teaching internationally or are already teaching overseas? I am just starting to explore the idea of teaching abroad and need some advice please. I have a (non- teaching) husband and 1 year old and 15 years of experience of teaching Art to Y 3-13 in the UK. I am secondary trained but have had 4 years experience of teaching Art in Primary schools as well. Does this mean I could apply for Elementary Art jobs? There seems to be a lot more of them than middle and High school positions available. So far I have just applied for Secondary level. If anyone can provide any advice on the above, experiences and recruitment advice please get in touch. Thank you!
  2. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    Hi I am an art teacher in Mexico I teach year 6 to yr 13
    I know there are many jobs out there.
    I am secondary trained but teach lower school too and yes you can apply Its better that a teacher is trained in the subject.
    Please ask for any help and advice
  3. karel

    karel Occasional commenter

    It could depend on the size of the school. In my school we have 3 Art teachers, one in Elementary School, one in High School and one that works in both Middle School and High School.
  4. charly_needham

    charly_needham New commenter

    Hello! Thanks for the reply to my post. I have emailed you.
  5. charly_needham

    charly_needham New commenter

    Thanks Karel, I am hoping my experience with the lower years would count as I am secondary trained.

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